I Can’t Believe I Stayed Here

Remember in the last post how I said I would post pictures of the home I stayed in? Well here it is!! The house isn’t HUGE if you compare it to some Utah homes, but to have this large of a house in New York, and the Hamptons, and to have it’s own BAY in the backyard is pretty amazing!! Check it out below!!

This is the front of the house! There’s more house to the left a little but it was all covered by trees!

The left is their backyard! They have a beautiful, huge deck and lots of grass! Then those tall plants have a skinny opening to a dock on a bay! We got to paddle boat (where you stand up on a big surf board and paddle) and kaiak, too! The photo on the right is the back view of half of the house. (Click to enlarge.)

This is the summer beach house, no big deal! It is right next to their own swimming pool and hot tub!
This is part of the living room and it was beautiful! The whole house is decorated in a nautical theme with a ceiling fan made out of sails, and miniature boats all around. Awesome!