How to Create A Succulent Bridal Shower

I had the lucky opportunity to throw my best friend a bridal shower about a month ago! But it’s been so hectic, I haven’t had the chance to post about it yet. Well today is that day!!! I partnered with Zurchers Party Store to get many of the supplies, I created a “Succulent Station,” a “build your own parfait” station, and also created all of my own signs and the invitation. I’m providing the invitation, the signs & games as PRINTABLES and you can find those items IN MY STORE and print them on your own! And to make things super easy, here is an easy “HOW TO” for creating your own Succulent Bridal Shower! (Find links to all of the items I used below!)





(Click HERE to find printable invitations)







(Click HERE to find printable invitations)



And it wouldn’t be a post about the party without showing you photos for how it turned out!!! Photos from Kelsey Blasdell, thanks girl!

Deeply-Rooted-In-Love-Bridal-Shower-01 copy Deeply-Rooted-In-Love-Bridal-Shower-07 copy Deeply-Rooted-In-Love-Bridal-Shower-09 copy Deeply-Rooted-In-Love-Bridal-Shower-10 copy Deeply-Rooted-In-Love-Bridal-Shower-12 copy Deeply-Rooted-In-Love-Bridal-Shower-13 copy Deeply-Rooted-In-Love-Bridal-Shower-14 copy Deeply-Rooted-In-Love-Bridal-Shower-16 copy Deeply-Rooted-In-Love-Bridal-Shower-17a copy Deeply-Rooted-In-Love-Bridal-Shower-18 copy Deeply-Rooted-In-Love-Bridal-Shower-19 copy


Love you, Julia!!!

  • I am looking for graphic designer for a project I am working on. I need 5 “mood” boards created for some DIY home decor kits. Is this something you would be interested in doing for me? I’d love to speak with you.
    -Amy Dott Harmer
    P.S. Carissa gave me your name. Also, I am interesting in knowing more about your illustrator classes.

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