How to Build a DIY Fire Pit in One Day


There are few things better than sitting in the comfort of your own backyard on a breezy summer evening, sitting next to a cozy fire pit, roasting that delectable, sugary, squishy mallow to a perfect golden hue. Mmmmm… Just thinking about it gets my mouth all watery!

I decided a long time ago I wanted a fire pit, and building your own backyard fire pit is SUCH a good bang for your buck! It seemed like one of the scariest parts of my backyard project (like, when you’re dealing with fire, you don’t want to do anything wrong, you know?!), but ended up being one of the easiest parts! To be honest, the hardest part was just getting the supplies to my backyard, but other than that, it was pretty much a cinch!

Note: this is NOT a gas fireplace, it is a wood-burning. Because come on…you just can’t roast a marshmallow over a gas fireplace. I mean you technically CAN, but really, you just can’t b/c it will go from raw to on-fire in .2 seconds. (Sorry gas-fire pit lovers!)



I purchased the materials for my fire pit at Lehi Block. If you don’t live in Utah, look for a backyard wholesale supplier near your home. The cost for the supplies was definitely cheaper, considering if you bought your own kit from a home improvement store, it would run you around $400 and only be 3 rows tall. However, because I wanted my fire pit to be taller than my DIY Deck, I knew I wanted 4 rows tall. At Lehi Block, I got the bricks (bonus, I could split it up in multiple colors to add dimension, I chose two colors), the steel fire ring, and a HALF YARD of concrete gravel (which is sooo much, like a full truckload) to use for the base of the fire pit all for $320. I also didn’t have to wait or pay for shipping!

2016-03-26 12.36.50



  • First, put down a layer of gravel so there’s drainage in the bottom of your fire pit. Make sure it’s level, and a few inches tall. I decided to have about a 10-inch border of gravel around the outside of my fire pit, as well.

2016-03-26 12.36.33


  • Lay down your first layer of bricks! Use a long level like this one to make sure the length of your bricks are parallel to each other. Don’t forget to rotate this in a circle as you lay down each brick so everything is perfectly level!

2016-03-26 12.59.21 2016-03-26 13.51.23

  • Once you have the first layer perfect, lay down your next 3 layers in the same manner, one row at a time.

2016-03-26 14.20.34

  • TIP: occasionally place the ring in the center to make sure your bricks aren’t TOO snug, or the ring won’t fit when you’re all done!
  • That’s it! See, isn’t that easy? It takes some patience to make sure everything is level, but this project only takes a couple of hours and the end result is beautiful!

2016-04-07 07.57.45




Lastly, make sure to arrange your marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers on a cute tray! Here are some other trays that I fell in love with: