How Did My White Deck Hold Up This Winter?

I’ve had an influx of questions about my DIY deck. Kinda crazy to realize that it’s been one full year since I created it. Time flies! If you missed it, I teamed up with Home Depot to create an outdoor space, and with a budget of only $900 and was able to create a deck from scratch! You won’t believe the before and after post. For only $900, it turned out pretty awesome, if I do say so myself!!


Here are all the questions I’ve received with answers below. If you have other questions, add them to the comments and I’ll add them to this post as I answer them! THANKS!


How big is it?

–It’s roughly 12’x18′, and only 10″ off the ground.


Will you have to re-stain/paint it this year? 

–No! It’s not as perfectly white as it was last year, but I won’t have to refinish it until next year. Which, at that point, I might try a new color…who knows! See image below.


Do you have deck plans you can share?

Unfortunately, no. BUT, you can see very good instructions and a step-by-step tutorial over on Home Depot’s blog. Take a look. ALSO, see the following question/answer.


How did you know how far apart to space your deck trusses? 

Ask an expert! Home Depot will create a deck layout for you for FREE, just ask one of their experts. Since my deck is NOT A TYPICAL DECK, I asked my engineer family members, and they calculated how to do this deck on a budget, but still be 100% safe for weight distribution purposes. I can tell you what I did, but I would highly recommend you ask an expert!

What I did for my 12’x18′ deck using 2x4s was the following. I placed 6 cement blocks in a row every 20 inches and 1.5′ from the left and right edges, and then the last cement blocks 6 down the middle spaced the same. Then, I laid down heavy-duty pressure-treated 2x6s for the trusses. I had to trim these down 8″ so they wouldn’t poke out, and then I used *about* 60 2x4x12s. Before you build your deck this way, look at my Home Depot post, b/c I did not just put 2x4s on my deck immediately, I put them through a few processes, first.


Do you have a materials list?

Look at Home Depot’s Blog, again, for a FULL materials list. It doesn’t show quantities, see the above answer for quantities on the items that I needed more than 1.


Which tool did I use to attach my deck to the trusses?

I used THIS impact driver by Ryobi. If you have never used an impact driver, it holds a lot of power, but to harness it’s power it drives screws with a “jerky” feeling. Just push through the jerks and your screw will keep screwing!


How did you do the paver and small stone section?

This was very easy, actually! I’d love to write a post about it soon, but for now, here’s what I did:

  • I leveled the ground with a metal rake
  • laid down these inexpensive pavers
  • I just used a measuring tape b/c my space was so small. If you had a larger space, I would create a few paper templates for spacing them quicker. Mine are spaced 4″ apart.
  • Then you just have to shovel it in between your pavers! Pretty easy.
    • I purchased the pebbles from the Lehi Block store, I believe it was “cement gravel.” I can’t remember how cheap it was, but I swear they filled up a full truckbed for like $30.



If you have any other questions, let me know in the comments and I’ll add it to this blog post!


  • Hi Alexi, great article. Thank you. Do you know which nail driver model you used? Thanks! ….ryobi has several types

  • How do you do the crushed rock and paver part between the deck and fire pit? Is there a tutorial for that?
    Love your deck project ! Thank you for sharing! Hope to do some day…
    Just moved in, still waiting for grass to finish coming in.

    • Oh, that is so exciting!!! Congrats. Those were easier than you’d think! I just added instructions on the post, and I’ll do a full post later this week! I love the suggestion, thank you!

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