Homemade Strawberry Jam!!

There’s a lady my husband know’s who makes the BEST strawberry jam!! I have already accepted that my jam will never be as good as hers, that’s just a fact! BUT, I called for her recipe and tried to copy her strawberry-jam-talent!! And, personally, I think it worked quite well!! My mom and I made the jam together and it has turned out fantastic! It was really easy, too! I don’t think it can battle DeLynn’s strawberry jam (because she’s made is dozens of times!!), but ours is the same recipe and ended up super amazing!! Take a look at how fun the process of making them was! And the recipe is YOURS at the bottom of this post!! Enjoy!

To have the recipe we used to make this awesome Strawberry Freezer Jam, click on the link below and it will safely download the recipe in a PDF form for you to keep!! 
download here

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