Home Depot Style Challenge DIY Mantelpiece HOW-TO


So excited to walk you through the “how-to” portion of the Home Depot Christmas Style Challenge from my previous post. It was actually pretty easy, just took some time between each step! But I had to figure out every step of the process on my own, and luckily YOU get to just read all the steps easy-peasy!

So here are the steps for creating your own DIY, modern mantel from the beginning!

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If you didn’t see my previous post with all the glamorous “after” photos of this mantel, then check them out HERE!


Step 1 Remove Existing Mantel


Find details on Home Depot‘s post.


Step 2 Prep Your Floors


Find details on Home Depot‘s post, but for this step I used: cement boardthis tool, and these special screws.


Step 3 Tile (And Grout) Your Floor


Just followed the instructions on this video, more details on Home Depot‘s post.

These are all the supplies you will need to tile, including the grout:


Including: tile, spacers, pre-mixed grout, pre-mixed mortar, polishing sponge, notched trowel, grout float


Step 4 Figure Out Your Mantel Dimensions & Build a Frame


I ended up using mostly 2×6 inch wood you can find in the lumbar section of Home Depot.

Alexi-Bullock-9 Alexi-Bullock-10


Step 5 Add Drywall


This step was relatively easy, just be meticulous, again. Find tips on Home Depot‘s post!


Step 6 Mud Your Drywall


This step is the only one I would highly recommend finding someone else to do. I hired some professionals, but still bought them all the supplies from Home Depot. Watching the swiftness and skill from professionals helped me realize that this step was definitely worth it for me.


Step 8 Paint your Mantel

I didn’t photograph this step, but it was pretty straightforward. I painted the whole mantel in bright  white, and while I was at it, I painted the wall white too so it would feel nice and simplistic.


Step 9 Add Your Solid Wood Mantelpiece


This was by far the most rewarding step. It was so nice spending time perfecting the mantelpiece and then adding it to the mantel. I had to special order the piece of wood from Home Depot because they don’t keep the dimensions I wanted in-store. It was a 6”x8” and very long, so it was huge, and so heavy. My new favorite Home Depot employee ended up helping me cut it to-size at the store and loaded it into my car, thank you Paul (no but seriously, Paul also taught me how to stain properly)! When I got it home, I sanded it down really well so there were no rough sides or edges. Then, since it’s a soft wood, pine, I used a wood conditioner to treat the wood first. This step allows the stain to apply more evenly. I’m so happy I included this step, it made a huge difference, and only took an additional 15 minutes. Just follow the simple instructions on the conditioner if you do this step. Then, I stained the wood using this stain. The best way to stain is to use an inexpensive brush and make sure you follow the grain as you apply. Then let it sit for 5-15 minutes, depending on how dark you want the color, then remove all the excess stain by rubbing it down with a disposable rag. You’ll then need to let the stain dry for a few hours, but then you’re ready to add it to your mantel! Attach it with construction-grade adhesive using a caulk gun, and you will be good to go for the last step!


Step 9 Decorate!

View More: http://kayla-brooke.pass.us/christmas-fireplace View More: http://kayla-brooke.pass.us/christmas-fireplace

I love all of Home Depot’s Holiday decor, especially this adorable deer and this gorgeous tree that I got from Home Depot. This garland and this wreath also helped bring the perfect amount of natural elements to my mantle. You can take a look at all of their gorgeous holiday decor here! Having a mantel that fit my style made it even more fun decorating for my favorite holiday. And it turned out awesome in the end, take a look!


And a HUGE thank you to my friends who made the final moment even more special:

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