Home Depot Collab: 4th of July Wood Stars


I was honored to join forces with Home Depot again and create some custom outdoor 4th of July Stars! I feel so lucky to be able to work with them because I love their stores; I go to their store more than any other! (If you’re curious how I got started working with them, I posted a short radio interview here.)



Luckily I found this amazing post from my new acquaintance Jamie that really helped give me guidance. I changed the instructions a bit to help simplify it for beginners like me, and I added a lot more photos to give really specific steps. You can read the full step by step on Home Depot’s blog!



I also added a back so it could be seen from the street easier, and painted it patriotic colors. What do you think??



They took me a full weekend, so if you do it THIS weekend, you’ll have them up for 4th of July! And once you style it with an Amazon Prime flag, cute pillows, some tall self watering planters, and a doormat your porch will be festive real quick! Good luck with your project, and thanks for reading!!!