What is In-Home Allergy Immunotherapy?


This is a paid sponsorship post:

(Warning this post has pictures of needles…)I’ve teamed up with The Allergy Butler today to say that you NEED to being doing allergy immunotherapy! This may seem a bit off topic from my normal DIY posts, but I’m around allergens so often while I’m working in the garage or outside, that my allergies are always quite sufferable. I’ve been doing this for a couple months now, and I feel obligated to sing its praises to you!

The BEST PART is that Allergy Butler comes to your house!!! And they teach you how to do the shots on your OWN! You never have to leave the comfort of your home, they bring you the initial allergy test, and they bring you all the supplies for your in-home therapy!

Allergy immunotherapy is the process that decreases your body’s sensitivity and increases your tolerance to allergies through a series of micro-shots. This 1-minute video explains more about what it is!



I wanted to do this through a local doctor, but they required me to drive to their office twice a week, and it was going to take a full hour each time in the office, plus the time it took to drive there. That is just not possible for my busy schedule, so I was delighted that Allergy Butler taught me how to do it out of the comfort of my home.

Roxanne, who is their licensed clinical pharmacist, is an absolute doll, and came to my house to do the allergy test where they prick you with several allergies and figure out what you’re most allergic to. And I was allergic to a lot!

If you’re curious what you’re allergic to, I would recommend you sign up for this initial consultation and get your allergies mapped out. (If you’re interested in a free consultation, email me!)

After finding out what I was allergic to, they mapped out the 5 most connected allergens to treat me for, and those are the ones we are targeting with allergy shots! I have loved this process and am excited to see the results in several months when I’m done! Thanks Allergy Butler!