Herbs in a Jar

There have been a lot of terrariums popping up in DIY crafts in the last week or two (I’m making one tonight!!) and they are beautiful! But I was thinking today, why not make a terrarium that is USEFUL, A.K.A., one that has herbs in them? Because then you can trim the herbs as you use them and you’ll have fresh herbs in your kitchen all the time. Benefits: beautiful terrarium, greenery in the home, greenery when outside is dead and wintery, and delicious/fresh herbs whenever you want! Are you with me here? It’s brilliant, right? I couldn’t find herbs already sprouted, so I started with seeds. As soon as they start to grow I’ll post some more pics! But if you want to make your own Herb Terrarium, follow the steps below!

 1. Buy Moisture Control Potting Mix (in case you over-water your little plants–found at Home Depot), small pebbles (Home Depot), seeds of your favorite spices, jars with chalk ovals on them (my friend bought me some for my birthday, but I know you can buy chalk-paper to cut your own ovals and glue them to your own jars)
2. Add pebbles to the bottom of your jars. These are to soak up the extra water and are also for the roots of your plants to grab onto  

2. Add your top soil. I added about 1 cup to mine

(I thought these dirt circles were really beautiful for some reason)

 3. Make sure to read the instructions for your little seeds, mine needed to be planted at a 1/4 inch depth. I decided to plant two different-looking plants in each jar. I wouldn’t do more than two plants per jar because it will get crowded
 4. Write which plants are on which side so you don’t forget! Water your plants with a spray bottle full of water as to be gentle with your topsoil and seeds. I put the lid back on mine, and now my little terrarium should water itself! Just double check the first few days if you need to add more water to yours, just in case

If you end up doing this little project, I would LOVE to hear about it! Please email me and let me know how it goes at alexibullock [at] gmail [dot] com.