Heath Ceramics

Stunning. Seriously. This company is huge and ever single piece needs to find it’s way into my home…course, we ARE homeless right now. I’m in NY for another 3 weeks and Greg’s living at his parents (actually, it’s more like he’s living at the hospital these days) and then when I get home we will officially be homeless! I gotta find housing, stat!! Somewhere in the Sandy to Lehi area near the freeway. Any suggestions?

Anyway, Heath Ceramics. Check it out. These are a few of the pieces that really spoke to me.


  • Lexi, I just found your blog and love it! You have such an amazing talent. Also, we live in Lehi by Thanksgiving pointe (right by that rodworks) and we love it! It is right off the freeway so the commute everywhere isn’t bad at all. You should definitely look there!!
    Allie (fitzgerald) Hymas

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