Hand-Painted Easter Eggs

It feels that as a creative, it’s imperative to decorate Easter eggs. Especially when you buy organic, brown eggs, because then they turn out even prettier! Here’s what I busted out today before it was too late! I mostly did it as an excuse to have egg salad for days. But in all seriousness, Happy Easter! I hope you were brought closer to Christ today, like I was during LDS Conference this weekend. I was reminded that #HeIsRisen, just like I wrote on one of my eggs ( I should have written #BecauseHeLives, whoops!) What a powerful video, click that link to see it! And Happy Easter!


Alexi-Bullock-Easter-Eggs-1 Alexi-Bullock-Easter-Eggs-2 Alexi-Bullock-Easter-Eggs-3 Alexi-Bullock-Easter-Eggs-4 Alexi-Bullock-Easter-Eggs-5