Grilled Cheese Sandwich Bar

Need some ideas for the SUPER BOWL in a few weeks?? This is your answer. 
Most food at a Super Bowl party consists of chilli cheese dip, chips, and soda (so nutritious…not). Well, adding a Grilled Cheese Sandwich Bar to the junk food mix will give you some actual substance and will still be easy food to eat in front of the couch. Am I right?
Just put out your favorite ingredients (on cute platters and in mason jars, of course), add some labels, plug in a griddle, and let your guests mix and match to their hearts’ desire. 
My food items included: bread (white & wheat), spreads (sun-dried tomatoes, mayo, & pesto), cheese (mozzarella, colby jack & provolone), meat (canadian bacon, bacon, salame), extras (pickles, mashed avocados & tomatoes) and a side (pita chips with roasted red pepper hummus). Ah! Isn’t your mouth just watering right now, picturing yourself take an ooey-gooey-grilled cheese bite?
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