Fruits of NYC

I discovered one of the fruits of NYC today (I’m still in Utah) when I came across the latest work by Louise Fili! Now, if you are NOT familiar with who she is, please do so. She has done a LOT of work that is stunning and wonderful! When my major here at BYU all went to NYC just over a month ago, we got to visit Louise Fili while we were there and it was AMAZING! SHE is amazing!! So so talented! She was working on a poster while we were there, and I guess she JUST finished it! And it’s beautiful! Check it out below and also her inspiration for it!

Her inspiration for the job is the Subway mosaic tiles in the Subway! Check them out below!
Tiled signage at the Franklin Avenue subway stop. Photo by Paul Shaw.

Tiled signage at the Flatbush Avenue-Brooklyn College Subway station. Photo by Paul Shaw.
Below are detail shots of the fruits of Louise Fili! SO beautiful!

All photos courtesy of 
AND DON’T WORRY, when we visited her studio, I got a PICTURE with her!  Booyah!