Freedom & Happiness

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I’ve thought a lot about this phrase today because I am so grateful for what I do. Graphic design is my passion and it brings me more happiness than I ever thought it could. When you’re passionate and excited about something you enjoy doing, your happiness level just skyrockets. Ya know? I’m also so grateful for the recent freelance projects that have landed in my lap. I love branding and doing other design projects on the side, it’s what I live for these days. Anyway, I thought I would share this simple quote with you along with some happy links that I hope will bring you a little more freedom & happiness today.

THIS hilarious sports video.
Some MOTIVATION to eat healthy (and never eat unhealthy again).
My newest OBSESSION: decorating my future home.
My FRIEND’S project posted on this blog.
These ladder FAILS.
These GOLDEN touches.

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