Free Printable: Summer To Do Lists

Summer-To-Do-Creamsicle Summer-To-Do-Pink Summer-To-Do-Lime

Can you believe that today was the first day of summer??? Me neither! And this year I REALLY want to take advantage of this beautiful season, because who knows where life will be in a year from now. We could be living in Alaska for all I know! JK, I really hope we don’t, the sunshine and cold would be tough!!

Anyway, I was asked by my good friend Kelsey Tuia of Revamp to help her with this project. Kelsey is a GENIUS when it comes to organizing home, but it is so much more than that. When you revamp and organize your home, somehow it revamps and organizes your LIFE. No seriously, it’s like this magical thing, or maybe Kelsey is just magical herself. Either way, we teamed up to make some printable “Summertime To Do Lists”, and I couldn’t be happier because now I will be officially writing a summer to do list, too! Click the links below to download your own .pdf file to print at home or at a printer!

As a “thank you” for the printable, will you tell me in a comment one thing you’re putting towards the top of your list? That way we can read each other’s great ideas for summer!! Thanks!!

***The files you download are in a CMYK color mode, so the colors will look different on your phone, but they will look great once printed***



Blush Summer To Do List

Lime Summer To Do List

Creamsicle To Do List


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