Free Download: Weekly Planner

I recently designed a planner (for myself) to stay organized. It’s a simple, weekly planner that has a place for goals, see?
I wanted to provide it as a free download, so in order to download a sheet of 3 weekly plans, click on the photo below to enlarge it, and you can copy that file to print it yourself! Print it on a regular 8 12″ x 11″ piece of paper, and do not scale it, because the proportions are great as they are for printing!
But the best part is that I glued the pages together like a gummed notepad. It’s pretty sweet if I do say so myself! If you want to make your own gummed weekly notepad, follow the steps below!
Supplies: 52 weeks of your printed calendar (cut at the bottom of the lines that divide the days of the week), two large butterfly clasps, a paint brush with sturdy bristles and white glue that dries clear (Elmer’s will work just fine; mine is special book binding glue that I got HERE).

Clip: Clip the bottom of the pages and note that they will stand up on the clips like the picture above right once you start gluing it.
Glue: Glue your pages three times in the following order: first, stab the pages with the glue in order to get the glue in between the pages. Second, bend all of the pages upward (like you are thumbing through the pages to count them) and generously apply glue. This will help to get the glue on every page. Lastly, bend all of the pages downward, the opposite way, and generously apply the glue. These three steps should ensure that all of the pages have glue on them.

Pinch: About every 3 minutes as the glue is drying, pinch the pages together. You don’t want your gummed side to be too thick!
Write: out your plans, your goals, and place your weekly planner where you’ll see it everyday!

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