Foxy Lady

The title of this post is actually supposed to be read, “Fox-ay Lad-ay”! Doesn’t that bring a better tone to this post?? And wanna know why that’s the title of this post? It’s because I am a foxy lady! My husband told me so, so it’s true! And I think that every woman should think that they’re a foxy lady! Because it’s true! I haven’t been around on my blog for the last while, I’ve been through a lot of changes in the last month! It’s notable how much has been accomplished, so I have compiled a list for you here:

-moved back from NYC
-put a deposit down on a basement apartment with full-sized windows
-moved into our apartment
-unpacked our boxes
-started working at my same job again
-started school
-figured out all the classes I’m taking
-started making dinner for Gregster and myself
-went boating, twice, with my family
-paid for tuition
-blew out my tire on the freeway
-paid for new tires
-started watching Gray’s Anatomy to distract me
-bought a new IKEA loveseat from Craigslist for $50
-got a grill (this is on the top of my list although we have yet to try it out)
-painted our bedroom in fantastic, beautiful gray stripes
-organized a studio space in my new apartment
-stayed on top of my homework

But you know how sometimes when you feel like you’ve accomplished SO MUCH and then when you think back on all the hard work and projects that you worked on and recount them to someone else, it never seems like you did as much when you say it out loud? I felt like that today when I was bragging that I got my homework done to a friend. The funny thing is, is that this was a unique task for me to complete. I normally float on by by doing my projects the moment they are due because I forgot, or I took on too much for the semester. You’d think by now I’d realize how much I can handle in one semester, huh? You’d also think that I knew how to be a student by now too, since it IS my 5th year here now. I am not ashamed either, because I have accomplished a LOT here at BYU! And although I could go back and recount all of the wonderful things I’ve completed over my last 4 full years in Provo at college, I know that it wouldn’t sound as amazing as it sounds in my head. So let me just say that I’ve done a lot and learned a lot over the last 4 years. I don’t think I’ve learned how much I can handle in a semester though, because I’m still taking 18 credits and 20 hours of work a week. But THIS YEAR, I’m 90% positive I can handle it. I’m more mature than ever and more driven and motivated because I love my classes this semester! And let me just end this ramble of thoughts with huge bragging rights to say that I have the best major ever. No battle. I will esssplain later.

Please enjoy my foxy lady Etsy finds today featured below! I quite love them, especially those bandits in the top left. Not sure what I would do with them since I don’t have any children, but they are still adorable and I want them anyways.

01. Going Hunting screen-printed decorative pillow, $34, found HERE; 02. Coyote natural unisex cologne, $46, found HERE; 03. Gray fox totem figurine at 1 3/4 inches tall, $26, found HERE; 04. Fox Brooch of polymer clay, $35, found HERE; 05. Bandit Fox made from 100% natural linen, $33, found HERE.

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