Floating 3D Decoration

Today, I made an icosahedron and my obsession with 3D objects is starting to explode. How can such a simple, plain object bring me such joy? Thank you, icosahedron. Technically, no. I didn’t even know what a icosahedron was until today, I had to google it. I’m sitting here writing this post and I figured I should know the name of what I just created so I ask Google, “What is a 20-sided object called?” And a whole lot of scientific mumbo jumbo came up in Wiki about why an icosahedron is so amazing. Do people actually understand this stuff??

Is it bad that I just like it because it’s pretty? To make your own floating 3D object, follow these instructions.

Cut the tips of 15 skewers off, then in half, to make 30 sticks the same length. 

Use hot glue to connect the edges. Put a dot of glue, let it dry, then add one more small dot of glue to make sure the joint is secure. Make 7 triangles, two V’s and leave 5 singular sticks (ignore that mine have glue on the singular sticks, I messed up). 

 Start off with hot gluing the topper like above. 

Finish the top with 3 singular sticks. 

From here, you add triangles, as shown above, at each bottom joint of the topper you just made. It’s easy to see what I’m talking about above, but it will get confusing below. Just add each triangle to the base joints one by one, and connect the triangle points as you go. You’ll see what I mean in a second. 

Add another triangle as shown above (see? Just add triangles around the base joints, you have two down, three to go!)

Then connect the corners of the triangles you just added that were wanting to touch. Now, do this all the way around the topper until all you need left is the other topper (or, um, bottom-er).

So here we are, adding the bottom-er. Add one V, as shown above. 

Add another V.

Add the last singular stick, as shown above, and then connect the joints, as shown below!! YOU ARE DONE!! Let me know if you have questions, I’d be happy to give your more details if you need them!!

Also, should I paint my 3D object black like the original example I saw HERE? What do you think, natural wood or black?

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