Felt Like A Kid Again

Last weekend was a VERY hard weekend. I lost one of my most favorite guy friends over the weekend who was my middle school and high school class president for 5 consecutive years! He was such an amazing person who inspired everyone in his path to give service to those around him through his wonderful example. When I found out the news that he passed, my friend and I decided to shake things off by indulging our inner kid! We went to three amazing fun kid places that had toys, candy and desserts! What more could I ask for on a night of sorrow to help cheer me up?! FAO Schwarz, Dylan’s Candy, and Serendipity’s! I couldn’t have asked for better things to do to help balance out the heartache I felt about my good friend. I need to go back to these places to explore when I’m in a more cheery mood! For all the pain I felt last weekend, I thought it was a pretty amazing night! Because I felt like a kid again!

THIS is FAO Schwarz candy section…amazing!

They also had a Harry Potter section, which I was obviously THRILLED about!! Woo!

Can I get this?? …not sure what I’d do with it, but I want it!!

For those who know me, I LOVE elephants! They’re so cute! I almost brought this little guy home with me!

Look at these Logo people!! So cool! 

Like I said, I felt like a kid again! A Statue of Liberty Barbie! Love this!

hahahaha loved this idea!

This is the exterior of the Apple Store, INC. open 24/7!! Soo beautiful!

Take me to Candy Heaven please!!

There was actual candy laid into these stairs! Such an amazing idea and looked way cool!

I have heard how wonderful Serendipity’s is, but it wasn’t until I experienced it until I REALLY knew what people were talking about!

Most amazing thing ever. Frozen hot chocolate with extra cream and chocolate on top. Yes please!!