Favorite Tan Sofas

I have had a lot of people ask me about my tan couch. I always feel so bad, though, because I snagged it for a bargain from a store as they discontinued it–so it’s not available anymore! My couch pictured below right here:


Wanna know a secret? It’s actually not leather. I know! You can’t really tell! It’s technically a manufactured leather, aka, a micro-suede made to look and feel like soft leather. Which means it was cheaper! Someday I’ll upgrade to a big-girl sofa that’s real leather. But since I can’t find this sofa anywhere anymore, I wanted to give you all ideas if you’re in the market for a tan leather sofa, yourself. Here are some that I’ve been considering for when I upgrade!


West Elm:

The Hamilton:

This is a no-brainer, SO many people have West Elm leather sofas and for good reason–just look at them! Dreamy, I tell ya. They also come with a high price, though. Here are a couple more from West Elm, you can click the photo or title to see more details about each one.


The Axel at West Elm:


The Mathias at West Elm:




Another beautiful sofa, but from CB2! This one within the same price-range as West Elm, but you will fall in love with it every time you see it. I know I do!!



Yes, Amazon! They actually have some pretty decent sofas if you’re willing to scour. This sofa looks pretty decent for the price, if you want something cheaper but still beautifully modern.



I actually got MY sofa from Overstock’s outlet (here in Utah). I’ve heard some bad things about Overstock, but with MY sofa, I have totally loved it! They have several tan sofas I like, click each photo or title to see details about each sofa:


The Bastian:


The Beatnik:


The Filmore:



Last but not least is this crown jewel, found on a new website I heard about recently called Article. This sofa is a BEAUT, and it’s price is LOW compared to these others, especially for how modern it looks and that it’s leather. I would definitely consider this sofa if I were to upgrade someday.

All in all, I still love my sofa, but I hope that if you’re looking for your own sofa, you will be able to consider these incredible options and find the tan sofa that you love as much as I do!