Ever Wanted to Hire Someone to Do Your Annoying DIY Projects?


If only I had a nickel every time I heard someone say, “I wish i could just hire you to come do my DIY projects.”

I’ve heard it so much that I’m finally taking it to heart…I’m now available as a DIYer for Hire!!! Hand a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a woman to DIY she DIYs for a lifetime.


You can now hire me to do your DIY projects, big and small.


I’m now available to help you with any of the 3 scenarios:

  1. Help with your DIY projects,
  2. Do your DIY projects 100% myself, OR
  3. Be your interior designer.

And for a limited time, I’m offering very inexpensive options, but will raise my prices soon (especially when I’m done with my 6 contest winners who won my time for free to help them with their DIY projects.)

And yes, I understand that hiring someone to do your DIY projects sounds counterintuitive. But hear me out. If you are currently sitting there scratching your head about a project you need to do and it’s NOT GETTING DONE, or if you’ve had the supplies for weeks and don’t have the time to do it, then I am your solution. Let me come get ‘er done for you! AND I will teach you as I go so you can learn for the next project. 


Hire me to do your DIY project using my project planner submission form.


So if you’ve ever wanted to hire someone to do your annoying DIY projects, or want an interior designer without paying ridiculous Interior Design fees, then NOW IS YOUR TIME. Check out my Project Planner ASAP before my inexpensive slots fill up!

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