Etsy Find – Indigo Neutrals

Today’s finds are completely stunning! I love the feeling of dignity and poise that the color indigo can bring to things. The bowl has a certain sophistication and class with its deep indigo inside and the metallic neutral supporting the outside surface. If there was a color that could be that perfect pop for any neutral, and is less common than a boring “pop of red,” it would be using indigo as a fresh sophisticated addition to any living room, wardrobe, or kitchen.

01. original, signed fine art print with luscious color, $10.50, found HERE; 02. wheel-thrown bowl, inside a deep ultramarine blue, $19, found HERE; 03. chevron, hand-printed pillow, $38, found HERE; 04. necklace of pale, sapphire blue recycled glass, SOLD, found HERE; 05. screen printed canvas bag in navy blue, $12, found HERE

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