Epic Bathroom Update: from Old to Bohemian, Modern Oasis


My master bathroom was one of the saddest places in my whole house, until I updated it in one weekend! Yep, you heard that right, in just a few days, I turned my sad old-looking bathroom to a gorgeous bohemian, modern oasis. And I’m not exaggerating. I love posting before and Afters on here, b/c they turn out so epic. This one is no exception, take a look!


master bathroom before picture



master bathroom after oasis modern


Kind of amazing what you can do in one weekend, right??


master bathroom after oasis modern


So, what did I actually do?? First, I painted my cabinets as shown above. I used the prettiest off-black I could find. It’s by Behr called Broadway if you’re in the market for the perfect black.


master bathroom after oasis modern copper light


Then, I updated several fixtures in my bathroom, and they made a big difference. For example, I added this gorgeous light above my jacuzzi, as you can see above. Love how that turned out, and you will not believe where I got it. Okay maybe you will since I shop there ALL the time, I got it from Home Depot and you can find that copper goodness only on their site, here.


I created and updated my vanity lights, too! And to show you how I made them, I created a quick little video for you below! (It’s my first YouTube video, hopefully I did okay!) Links to where I got the lights are on the video’s description if you watch it on YouTube.


master bathroom after oasis modern oil rubbed towel rack master bathroom after oasis modern oil rubbed sink faucet master bathroom after oasis modern oil rubbed tub faucet

I also updated ALL of my other fixtures throughout my bathroom, like, all of them (most pictured above). I was terrified to do this, but it was so much easier than I thought it would be! And I posted FULL step-by-step tutorials on the Home Depot blog if you want to go check it out! Links to all the products I updated below:


master bathroom after oasis modern oil rubbed tub decor master bathroom after oasis modern oil rubbed shower copper baskets


Then, I added more decor to help make it an oasis! I’ll post about the links to the decor soon, tell me if there’s anything you want linked in case I miss it. It’s pretty amazing what just a weekend can do!



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