Domaign: Live Wreath Class

We had the best time together last week during the first Domaign class! Some of you are familiar with Domaign if you’ve known me for a few years, because it was my senior project graduating from the graphic design BFA at Brigham Young University. But for those of you who are unfamiliar with it, here’s a little intro for you. I am extremely passionate about it, and I think it will be easy to see why!

Domaign is a new word created from the root word of home (doma-) and the ending of design (-ign) to create Domaign, or home + design. It sounds like “domain” which gives it a the double-meaning of a person’s territory or home, yet this word for “home design” means so much more than what your home looks like. Domaign is a movement empowering individuals to create a well-balanced home by refined, creative, handmade, purposeful, and/or well-balanced design. Which means that not only will you design what your home looks like, you’ll be designing the food you eat and your health in general, designing how you spend your money and spend your time, making and reaching personal goals, while creating and maintaining relationships. Domaign refreshes the idea of “homemaking” by retooling & repurposing it for today’s changing world by expanding the sphere of people who can use it while allowing it to fit more categories than just “crafting.” Domaign fits that wider realm with the following categories: interiors, health, finances, relationships & personal improvement.

Can you see why I’m so passionate about domaign? And after reading that explanation, it kind of sets the stage as to why I wanted to learn and teach how to make live wreaths. This skill was the first official domaign class because it filled 4 of the 5 domaign categories: relationships, we met new people and made new friendships; finances, the wreaths we made were only $10 where a Costco fresh wreath was $45+; personal improvement, we learned a new, fun skill, and lastly slash obviously, it filled the interiors category because we made a beautiful, handmade item to decorate our homes.

The plan is to have a domaign class once a month and the purpose of these domaign classes is to teach and learn new skills that fit into domaign’s purpose. And because it’s a class, we will always be together with new people cultivating new friendships together. Speaking of, I loved all the girls who came to our first class! Thank you!! It was so great meeting all of you, and I hope you can each come to the next class, or one in the near future!

Okay, enough talking. Let’s get to the pictures!

  • Making these wreaths was such a blast and to be honest, I really thought mine would be terrible, but Lexi helped me feel so confident and my wreath was beyond beautiful.

    I can’t wait for January 🙂

    Thanks Lex!!

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