DOMAIGN: Hand-Stamped New Years Resolutions Necklaces

I deeply believe in New Year’s Resolutions. Last year I made a huge list (see it HERE) and I did pretty darn well at accomplishing most of it. But this year, I think I’m going to take a different approach and have less but more difficult resolutions. But no matter how many resolutions you have, one tough thing remains clear, and that’s remembering your goals! It gets hard to remember them, especially when you REALLY want that doughnut, and it’s mid March, and your strong, stalwart resolution to eat healthy is starting to fade… Well this month’s Domaign class helps with these weak moments. January’s class is making hand-stamped necklaces with the word “REMEMBER” on them! You will literally be hand-stamping a thin piece of metal, fashioning a wire around a crystal bead for a touch of color, and writing out some New Years resolutions on a well-designed handout. And yes, technically you can stamp any word you want, but I’ll be stamping “remember” as it also has a lot of other deep meanings. Lastly, because of the technical difficulty of this class, I’m dropping the cap to 15 people so we can get some focused time.

When is the class?
It’s on Thursday the 23rd at 8pm, at my home in Lehi. I’ll send you the address if you reserve your spot.

How do you reserve your spot?

This class costs $12 and must be paid in advanced via paypal or  (send it as a gift to, Venmo, mail a check to my home, or get me cash. Your spot must be reserved with the class paid in full by Tuesday the 14th. I will supply everything you need, but if you have wire cutters or needle-nose pliers please bring them to share! First come first serve, there’s a cap at 15 people for this second class. So get your friends to sign up and pay ASAP before the spots fill up!!!

(Sorry for any inconvenience of paying in advance…I have to ask you to pay in advance because I’m sticking my neck out purchasing the supplies, so I really need to know how many people are coming. Thank you for understanding!!)