Domaign: April Design Your Device

I am so incredibly excited to let you in on a secret…I’m officially collaborating with two extremely talented individuals. These girls are actresses, fashionistas, dancers, stylists, bloggers, um, they basically have it ALL goin’ on! And did I mention that they were in the latest Star Trek movie, Star Trek Into Darkness? Yes, I know, I know they are way too cool for me. But even with all their exciting adventures, we’ve managed to collaborate on my next Domaign class! 

Next Monday, we’ll be announcing the full details of the next Domaign event, so stay tuned! Mark your calendars for Tuesday, April 29th, that’s when the event is!! For now, we have a an insanely beautiful clue in the form of a “Dress Your Device” to keep you guessing what the event is! So before we announce the class next week, and before I announce who I am collaborating with, we want you to use these hand-painted calendar designs created by yours truly to spruce up your device’s wallpaper and bring a fresh aesthetic and feel of Spring to your iPhone device! 

Save the Date, download the Design Your Device, and tell your friends! Trust me, you won’t want to miss this Domaign class!

iPhone 4:
iPhone 5:

And without further adieu, my collaborators are the fabulous Cockrell twins! Kellie and Katie!!!


Katie and Kellie Cockrell:

Obsessed with design, TED talks, fashion (that doesn’t break the bank), entrepreneurship, and equality for all humans; we are twin sisters and best friends on a mission to share things that inspire us and hopefully you too. Born in Salt Lake City, Utah we grew up taking dance and gymnastics lessons and performing all over the place like crazy banshees (we would do cartwheels and sing at the top of our lungs down the aisles of Home Depot). Fast-forward a few years, we graduated from the University of Utah, both with degrees in Communication (I know – couldn’t we have picked different majors?! #twinproblems), and spent the Summer traveling in Europe. You could say we caught the travel bug but it was more like EXTREME travel-typhoid-fever; since then we’ve been to over 35 states in the USA and several countries, and made it a goal to travel as much as we can.  

After we returned to the US, we decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue acting and dancing. We’ve acted and performed in several different projects including Star Trek Into DarknessStaten Island Summer and the Disney Channel Original MoviesHigh School Musical 3Return to Halloweentown and Minutemen; you can check out more of our acting related projects here.


More than anything, we love creativity and inspiration – which is why we started We hope to inspire you, make you laugh, challenge you and find comfort in the fact that we’re all figuring this out together!

THANKS GIRLS!! So excited to collaborate this month!!

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