DIY Wooden Frame Hack

Why is it IMPOSSIBLE to find a basic wooden frame that is unstained so you can stain it whatever color you want? I found wooden frames that were fancy with bevels and looked elaborate, but my style is modern and clean. I couldn’t find anything that matched my style that was unstained. And I also didn’t want to learn how to create my own frames from scratch.

So, I created this little hack-project to turn any frame (plastic or wood) to a stainable, wooden frame! Sounds impossible, but I assure you it’s not!



Step 1: Iron on the veneer edging using your hottest dry setting on your iron.


Step 2: Cut the corners at 45 degree angles so they match up nicely.

Step 3: Repeat on all of the front sides.

Step 4: Veneer the edges. If you couldn’t find the right size of veneer edging, you may need to do 2 strips like I did on the side.

Step 5: Carefully fold the excess edging around to the backside of the frame. Gently sand the edges you fold, and the seams & corners that are created.

Step 6: Stain it! Use the instructions on the can.


Last Step: Add your favorite artwork or poster into the frame and hang it!! The posters I added in my frames are LDS posters created by Pretty Ink Design, and I love how modern and clean they are!