DIY Terrarium

As promised, here is a posting of how to make a terrarium! I think I’m not the only one who has seen these pop up on Pinterest or blogs lately, right? Here is one link for terrariums that I particularly enjoyed seen on Better Homes and Gardens found HERE. It shows you a great step by step on how a professional does terrariums. I’m a total ammeter, but I’m super happy with how mine turned out! Here are my steps on how to create your own terrarium!

1. Buy your supplies: a few miniature plants (depending on the size of your container[s]), flower seeds, potting mix, pebbles, a spray bottle from Honk’s or All-A-Dollar, and your desired glass vase[s]

2. I chose Miracle Gro “Moisture Control” potting mix because it absorbs the extra water in case I over water my plants

3. Add your pebbles to the bottom of your vase

4. Add a little bit of potting mix to your vase

5. Divide up your plants into smaller sections. Hopefully you will have two or three plants in each little pot you buy, separate them so you can add them one at a time in your desired sections

(It’s okay if you’re messy, just make sure your husband is in the other room when you do this part so it can be cleaned up before he sees the disaster)

6. Add your plants into your vase one at a time. It’s gonna look like a jungle, but trust me, it’ll look good

7. Try your best to situate each plant so it’s vertical, it will be easier on the next step

8. Add extra potting mix into your vase. As you do so, gently press the soil down around the roots of each plant. This will help them adjust to their new environment and stay upright

9. Tame your plants by trimming them down. You don’t want it to overcome the vase

10. Water your plants with your new spray bottle filled with water. Watering your gentle, small plants with a spray bottle will be more gentle on your plants than pouring water on them from your faucet

11. Put on your lid (if you have one) and put it in a place where it will get lots of sunlight. Now you shouldn’t have to water them again because it will work like its own ecosystem, sweet, huh?!

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