DIY Sweater Stocking


This year, with the help of my incredible mother, we sewed some white stockings out of sweaters I got from a local thrift store called D.I. They turned out fantastic! I loved the texture, the DIY/homey feel, and it just felt cozy and warm. The stockings are pretty simple to make, and here are some instructions for you! You will also need THIS PDF PATTERN to cut out your fabric. Enjoy!


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Enjoy these 12 simple steps!

Stocking-DIY-01Step 1. Cut out sweater fabric. Step 2. Sew the right sides together, starting at the bottom of the ribbing, and ending just before the ribbing back up around the other side. Top should be open. Use 1/4th” allowance. Step 3. Turn right-side-out, and sew the ribbing sides together. Leave the top open! Turn back to right-side-in. Step 4. Cut out some thin batting. This time, folding the ribbing section down on the pattern.

Stocking-DIY-02Step 5. Sandwich batting around the stocking, and re-sew in the same place as before with same seam allowance. Step 6. Cut a strip from extra sweater fabric following along with seams to your desired length. This is how the stocking will hang. Step 7. Iron it until you have the edges turned in, and you can hide the edges with one length of sewing. Step 8. Sew to hide the edges.

Stocking-DIY-03Step 9. Pin the the top of the ribbing, following the photo. Step 10. Cut out the lining fabric. We used a smooth cotton fabric. Step 11. Sew wrong sides together, leaving the top open. Press the top open at 1/4th”. Step 12. Zig-zag stitch it to the stocking topper! Then turn right-side out! You did it!

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If you need more specific instructions for a certain step, email me! hi@seekingalexi dot com.