DIY: Elbow Pads

I’m loving elbow pads lately, aren’t you? They’re just so cosy and have that well-worn feeling. Love it! I’ve been meaning to sew some on an old, worn sweater of mine, and I finally got around to it! Look how adorable this sweater is, you love it, right? (Don’t pretend you don’t). Here are a few steps at how to do it, and if you do this project, I wanna hear about it!!!! Comment or email me so I can see a picture of your new, elbow padded sweater. Perfect for the fall weather that’s finally here!


Get an old sweater and some suede fabric, you won’t need much.  Find a sweater that you really love. I found this sweater at D.I. in Provo and I’m so pleased with it. It’s a cosy, vintage, hand-loomed, well-worn sweater. It even has a few little holes, but it’s so cosy, I don’t even care!! (And come on, Cally-Ho? How adorable is that?) Cut out your suede in ovals that, proportionately, will fit your sweater. Pin them where your elbows go! (It looks really stupid if they’re too low or too high, so take your time to find the right place. And then all you need to do it sew them on with a sewing machine!!! I did a straight stitch first, and then went back over it with a zig zag stitch that pushed up right to the edge of the suede. It can be slightly tricky because you need to have half of the sweater on the arm of the sewing machine, but go slow, don’t stretch the sweater too much, and you’ll be just fine!!

So easy, right?? Comment if you try this project out!!

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