DIY Barn Doors Part 1

Ever wanted a grand entrance into a room? Or a statement piece for a home? Well barn doors are the perfect thing! If you’ve been following my Instagram, you’ve seen that I’ve posted pics of my lovely barn doors. Well the time has (finally) come that I’m posting the How-To! Sorry for the delay, I know a lot of you have asked about it. It’s been a little crazy lately, so thank you for your patience!


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  • Unfinished, raw floorboards. I chose white pine, 4″ planks. They are relatively inexpensive b/c they are unfinished, untreated, and un-sanded (which is exactly the look I was going for
  • 3/4″ plywood cut to size of your doors
  • Nailgun and nails
  • Mallet/hammer
  • elevated table, sawhorses, or makeshift shelf/tables like me


  • Pick one edge to align your floorboards to, so you only have to cut one side when you’re done.
  • Layout your floorboards a couple rows at a time, so you have good variety with knots, dings, texture, (these will soak up the most stain and be darker, so you want to space those out)
  • You also don’t want the seams to line up between rows, or even two rows apart. Also, be mindful of the length of wood. Mix up those lengths as well.
  • Nailgun your first row into the piece of plywood! Make sure it’s perfectly aligned with the bottom of the plywood before you gun it! I was okay with the small holes in the wood b/c I wanted character, so I did a good number of nails in each board to make sure it was secure. The longer the piece of wood, the more nails!
  • The floorboards have grooves, so after the first row, you have to gently hammer each new row into the existing row. Do one piece of wood at a time—give it a few taps to line up the wood perfectly against the other, then nailgun it in! (It really is that easy!!)
  • Stay mindful of the overall pattern you’re creating as you go. Think of it as one piece, but don’t go crazy with organizing too many rows ahead. Just be mindful to keep as much variety as you go.
  • Nailgun the entire board, it should take you about 2 hours if you have one person nailgunning and one person lining up the boards.
  • Saw off the rough edge with a circle saw!
  • Stain it!


See? Wasn’t that easy???

DONE! (Well, one side, at least. I’ll post the second part of this DIY very soon!)