Deeply Rooted in Love Bridal Shower Invites

My best friend is getting married in less than a month, and I get the privilege to throw her bridal shower this weekend! I’m extremely excited for it and couldn’t wait until after the party to show you these invites! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen one image of these invites. Here are more detail shots of it!

If you want to use these invites for a bridal shower of your own, you can purchase them HERE, and I will customize the details and send you the file to print it on your own (print as many as you want!).

Wish me luck this weekend! There is still a whole lot I have to do! I’m still at the nervous-excited stage because it’s not “done” yet, but I will get there in the next day or two! (I hope!)

Alexi-Bullock-Deeply-Rooted-In-Love-Invitations-1 copy Alexi-Bullock-Deeply-Rooted-In-Love-Invitations-2 Alexi-Bullock-Deeply-Rooted-In-Love-Invitations-3 copy Alexi-Bullock-Deeply-Rooted-In-Love-Invitations-4 copy Alexi-Bullock-Deeply-Rooted-In-Love-Invitations-5A copy Alexi-Bullock-Deeply-Rooted-In-Love-Invitations-7 copy