Craft Lake City

This weekend was Craft Lake City and it was AMAZING!! I was blown away by the positive responses about my work, had some amazing conversations with strangers, was completely inspired by my fellow artisans, and had an extremely fun time! I can’t believe it has actually come and gone so quickly. I kinda wish it I could do it all over again! Except for the storm. THAT part, I do not want to do all over again. It. Was. Insane. People, you have not experienced a storm like this, and if you maybe have, you haven’t been outside, without an umbrella, trying to shield and protect the inanimate objects that you hold so dearly, as your mascara is running, and your items are blowing away, and it doesn’t stop for 45 minutes. It was crazy! But other than that part, it was awesome!

I was a little hesitant since it was my first type of boutique/farmers market. I’ve never done something like this, AKA, sell my things in PUBLIC without internet and social media to hide behind! I’ve never had to set up a booth before! On top of that, this was the DEBUT of all of my products which were ALL NEW. I had no idea if people would like them, or relate to them. And since it was so much work to do, I didn’t really have time to test the market and ask.

All of these fears were tossed aside once Craft Lake City started, because people liked my stuff! And not only that, but they actually paid money for my stuff. What?! At first I was shocked and thought it was a fluke. That first sale I was so giddy and excited, and thought, “Well, that was lucky!” But as time went on, I learned that people actually truly loved my work. They were very complimentary of my hand-lettering (which I still feel is nowhere near where it should be), and my style, and booth, and it was SO COOL to get such positive feedback! In the end, I felt honored, and humbled, and also proud (if you can feel both humble and proud at the same time, haha) and excited, giddy, and just on a high! What an amazing experience.

I say all this isn’t to brag about my success, but just to share my experience and explain that when you go out on a limb with the best work that you can make right now, even if it’s not perfect, but if you don’t wait, and instead go out on a limb with your best, that you will be successful! Maybe not right away, but your success will come! And when you taste a tiny bit of success like I got to taste this weekend, it makes all of the late nights, the stress, the worries, and the crazy downpour ALL WORTH IT in the end. Take a look.


Alexi-Bullock-Craft-Lake-City-Utah-02 Alexi-Bullock-Craft-Lake-City-Utah-03 Alexi-Bullock-Craft-Lake-City-Utah-04

Notice anything different about day 2? I had to turn my pegboard around because it got warped in the storm. Improvise, people, just had to improvise.
Alexi-Bullock-Craft-Lake-City-Utah-05 Alexi-Bullock-Craft-Lake-City-Utah-06 Alexi-Bullock-Craft-Lake-City-Utah-07


Lastly, shoutout to my amazing husband who came to support me for the whole thing! Who also plastic-wrapped almost every single gold-foil print (which saved all of my prints during the storm). Who was there to protect my products during the storm, and who was the voice of reason telling me it was okay to throw in the towel after 45 minutes of downpour and a mini-hurricane. Who gave me breaks to walk around, brought me food, took care of the money, bagged every sale, and even bragged about me to people who came by. What a HUGE support he was, and I just wanted to publicly thank him for being such a huge support. Love you, boo. 😉