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17 Dec Christmas Evergreen Tips & Uses

We had an INCREDIBLE time at the live wreath-making class last week! I’ll be posting pics soon!! If you’re not up to making a live wreath, or you missed out on the class but want to make your house smell like Christmas (no, seriously) then here are a few ideas to keep that greenery fresh and ideas on how to use it in your home. For some of these ideas, all you need are a few sprigs, which you can buy at a grocery store, or a local floral shop (or you could secretly trim some off of a tree up the canyon, but you didn’t hear that from me!) But no matter how you get it, I would strongly encourage you add some evergreen-ery to your home this season, because it makes such a huge difference in feeling the Christmas spirit.


  • Keep greenery out of direct sunlight to last longer
  • Greenery that are kept in cool places will last MUCH longer (think wreath on the front door)
  • If evergreens are in a vase, replace the water daily and re-trim the stems every other day
  • Many evergreens release sap, so have some Goo Gone handy for the surfaces and clippers you use
  • When your arrangement is complete, generously spray your greenery with hairspray, which will help lock-in the moisture. Only do this once.
  • Other than making a live wreath (which I’ll be posting about our event from last week soon), here are a few other ideas I’ve snagged from the incredible Instagram peeps I follow. You’ll want to follow them, too, trust me!! And while you’re at it, follow me, too, @alexibullock, I will do my very best to live up to your expectations!!

Create a garland with scraps like @kenziepoo did above.

Or put your scraps in mini vases to keep some fresh greens on your counter like @heynataliejean did.

@woodlark used some for presents above.

@sweetlittlepeanut used some for a tablesetting, and…

to decorate the back of a chair.

@stylizimoblog used it for wrapping up napkins in a subtle, elegant way.

Lastly, here’s my take on @heynataliejean’s greenery in a vase. SO simple to create, but beautiful and Christmas-y, no?

Have any other ideas with what to do with Christmas greenery?

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