Cheers to 6 Months

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend Tanner told me to get ready for our date and dress warm. I had no context, but he wanted to surprise me with something fun. 

Turns out, he drove us out by the Salt Flats and we set off Chinese sky lanterns!!


It was such a thoughtful gesture, because … REWIND to New Year’s Eve… we went to send off two lanterns covered in our resolutions (Tanner took it less seriously than I did, haha, but he still wrote stuff on his) but sadly we only got one of them to fly! That night on the beach after lifting Tanner’s lantern into the air, we wanted to make sure it wasn’t going to light anything on fire, so we stood there together and watched it rise up and up until the flame burned out. Assured that my lantern wouldn’t cause any problems, we set out to let mine fly, too. But when it came time, the wind had picked up and we sadly couldn’t get it to fly!


So, Tanner wanted a “do over” a few weeks ago and planned a night for us to do just that. He was even prepared with lots of extra lanterns when he came to pick me up so I could for sure successfully fly one into the air.

That night ended up being terribly cold, but also terribly romantic. We successfully got 6 in the air, symbolizing the 5 months we’ve been dating, and one more symbolizing for our future together.


I’m so grateful for this man and can’t wait to see what our future holds. If you want to plan your own romantic night, you can snag these lanterns on Amazon here, Amazon has everything! Just make sure you’re smart and safe if you let these off!