Canvas Prints

Do you guys like saving money? Who doesn’t, right? But sometimes it’s a lot of work to find the deals. Well look no further! My sister will do all of the work for you! My sister, Melea, has the BEST coupon website. Have you seen it? It’s called Freebies2Deals, go check it out!

She recently had the most adorable little boy, Rockwell. Trust me guys, this little one is the most adorable thing ever. And he loves me so much, I’m DEF his favorite aunt. Well, Melea made the cutest nursery for Rockwell, and asked me to make some canvases to display his name on the wall. They turned out really fantastic, take a look!

I wanted to make these canvas prints available for others, so I’ve put it in an online store you can access HERE.

Here are some of the font options available, and the canvases are available in any color you want. Check them out!

If you want to order your own, or a custom order, go HERE to do so.

Thanks for letting me share my recent project!