Candles That Feed Children


At a recent conference, I met Bridgewater Candles, and loved what they are doing with a portion of their sales! I felt so strongly about their cause, that I partnered with them for this post and for a giveaway. Here’s what they are doing: for every candle that they sell, they feed a child 3 full meals! How special is that? The “Light a Candle • Feed a Child™” products include: Core Collection Large and Small Jar CandlesMingle Collection Candle Tin, and Inspirations for Life Collection Tall Jar Candle. It’s an awesome cause, plus they look adorable! Am I right?? I am doing a one-day giveaway that ends tonight!! So head over to my Instagram to enter really quick!

And in case you don’t win a free candle, they have given an exclusive promo code: to give 15% off any order placed between June 8th-12th (which means it starts tomorrow!) These candles make a great Father’s Day gift for your spouse, father or favorite man in your life to put a candle in their office, because you KNOW they won’t buy a candle on their own, but if they are gifted one, they will put it in their office!haha Here’s the candle that I got for Greg, he loves it! Anyway, the promo code for 15% off is: “BW5Million”.

Thanks for supporting the “Light a Candle • Feed a Child™” cause and don’t forget to enter on Instagram before midnight MST!