When Your Boyfriend Moves Out of State and You Have the Best Day


First thing’s first, if you haven’t noticed from my sappy Instagram posts, my boyfriend moved to California, and yes, he moved permanently. It’s no fun guys! It’s hard trying to keep our lives combined when they are separated by so many miles and completely different schedules. If you have any advice for dating long-distance, please comment on this post! Any help would be very appreciated.



When I came to visit him a few weeks ago for the first time, we ended up having an amazing time, but we also had one incredible day that I just had to share.


It started off with a visit to the downtown area of Redlands, we had tacos since it was Cinco de Mayo, duh! Then we found the quaintest, cutest small-batch chocolate shop called Parliament Chocolate. I died. It had a beautifully designed interior, first of all, and the chocolate was so yummy! They have cocoa beans from unique places around the world that gave the chocolate different hints of other flavors. We snagged two vanilla chocolate covered caramels. So delicious.



Then we went orange picking! Growing up in Utah I’ve picked other fruits from trees growing up, like cherries, apples, and peaches (OH the peaches!). But I’ve never picked a citrus fruit off a tree. And I must say, it was quite the treat to pick and eat our own oranges from off the tree. We sliced them in wedges for Sunday breakfast with leftover french toast from brunch the day before. Mmmmmm…


We stopped by a shopping mall where we had WAY too much fun buying matching shirts. We match ALL THE TIME, seriously. We may start an Instagram account, it’s crazy. I snagged some workout pants at VS and we enjoyed the California sunshine.



We ended our night at my first Angel’s baseball game! It was so fun dancing and trying, unsuccessfully, to get on the bigscreen. Next time, babe. Next time. And I finally snagged a picture of Tanner’s fake laugh, lol. He does this when he is sick of taking photos, you can see the irritation on my face, lol. Love that dork.



Dating someone who moved out of state is hard, and it doesn’t help that I’m choosing to keep myself crazy busy right now. But that’s just how I deal with things when they get tough, stay busy! Which is also one of the reasons why I love Tanner so much, is he helps me slow down and take it easy so I can stop and smell the roses. Love you, babe!