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Tropical outdoor oasis inspiration pinterest board

10 May Tropical Pink Outdoor Inspiration

I'm kiiiind of obsessed with the Pinterest board I created for one of my DIYer for HIRE Contest Winners. The above board is just a sneak peek, you have got to see the whole thing on Pinterest. Emily's backyard is a typical townhouse backyard=tiny. But there are some very simple things we are going to do to turn this into a backyard oasis! Now, we are NOT going to paint the back of her house pink, unlike these inspo images show. But we WILL find a way to bring the colorful, tropical flavor to her small outdoor space. Stay tuned...

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branches make the perfect, tall, dramatic centerpiece for gray cabinet, modern-style kitchen

03 May One Surprising Reason why you need to keep a Knife in Your Car

  First off, thank you all for the extra love and support on my latest blog post. It has been a tough lesson to learn, and there's not really a perfect way around it. People steal things on the internet and unless I want to pursue a lawsuit (which I don't) then there's not much else. Darn. BUT thank you all for the love on the whole fiasco. You need to keep a knife in your car. Why?? These 3 reasons, and obviously the last one is the most important. In case you're in a car accident and you need to cut...

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Fellow bloggers I look up to from The Home Depot event, THDprospective

02 May The Secret Sauce to Blogging

    I wrote a post on Friday about how it felt to be invited to The Home Depot event last week. The summary? It felt amazing and I wrote about it HERE. One of the biggest reasons it was so good is because of these extremely talented people that I met and hung out with all week. Motivational speaker Jim Rohn famously said that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with...

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02 May When Someone Steals Your Content, This is How It Feels

  (The final image of the project I'm referring to is above!)   Sooo, in the last 3 days, photos from my recent (dramatic) backyard transformation has been posted as memes to accounts with OVER 11 MILLION followers. Yes, I said 11 million. Woah. (And those are just the times I've actually found!) I found them because I had several friends start tagging me when they saw my images posted online, but I'm sure there are many other reposts that I haven't seen yet. Here's one below, can you spot my image?       AND almost all 8 million followers didn't see my image(s) attributed to me. Ouch.       First off, HOW did this happen? Easy answer, I have no idea....

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The Home Depot hosted an exclusive blogger event and it was incredible!

28 Apr Wow. Home Depot’s Event Caused This Girl 3 Major Feelings

How do you summarize 3 days of an unforgettable experience into a short blog post??? I have thought of this since boarding my plane and I'm not exactly sure how to do it but I'm going to try. (But most likely, I'll be posting several posts about the event–I've already written one more HERE.) For now, here are 3 major takeaways for me personally that I am taking with me from the event. First thing's first, I do NOT know how Home Depot invited me to this event. I am a nobody! I am just a normal person who has done a few...

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20 Apr The BEST KEPT SECRET Near Cancun

I've hesitated writing this for a long time. I want to keep our little secret our little secret. Part of the reason why it was so good is because not very many people know about it! It's quaint and beautiful and authentic and I LOVE that. The pure reason this secret is so amazing is because it's NOT touristy whatsoever. And I don't want people to flock to it if the word gets out. But I've decided that it takes long enough to get there and is just difficult enough to taxi, then bus, then ferry, that these factors will help...

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12 Apr How Did My White Deck Hold Up This Winter?

I've had an influx of questions about my DIY deck. Kinda crazy to realize that it's been one full year since I created it. Time flies! If you missed it, I teamed up with Home Depot to create an outdoor space, and with a budget of only $900 and was able to create a deck from scratch! You won't believe the before and after post. For only $900, it turned out pretty awesome, if I do say so myself!!   Here are all the questions I've received with answers below. If you have other questions, add them to the comments and I'll add...

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