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11 May 10 Stunning Pendant Lights Made From Natural Wood


If you’ve been following my Instagram stories, you’ve seen that I bought the rug of my dreams!!! Well, in preparation for it to arrive, I asked your opinions about my dining area, and there were a LOT of you that said I need a bigger light! So, I’ve been considering some natural wood lighting for over the kitchen table I made from scratch. I bought a light from West Elm before I made my table and I love it, but now that I bought this incredible rug, I’ve been thinking of changing my light just like you said!


As I’ve been making the decision, I decided to show you all the lights I’ve been considering. I’ve snagged inspiration from Pinterest, and there’s a lot I’m loving rn. There are some that are bamboo0-type lighting, some are natural beading, some are wood cutouts, and I’m having a hard time deciding!


What do you think??



Basket Pendant Light from World Market

$70 from World Market


$70 from IKEA


$60 from IKEA

Wicker pendant light

$151 from Amazon

Bamboo pendant light

$145 from Amazon

Thread Bead Natural Chandelier

$280 from Amazon

Natural beaded chandelier

$217 from Amazon

Wood cutout 3d pendant light

$107 from Amazon

3D sphere wood cutout pendant light

$107 from Amazon

wood cutout lighting 3D circular

$86 from Home Depot

Hope you enjoyed these lighting options! If you own or buy any of these, tell me what you think about your light and I’ll add it to this blogpost!



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Tropical outdoor oasis inspiration pinterest board

10 May Tropical Pink Outdoor Inspiration

I’m kiiiind of obsessed with the Pinterest board I created for one of my DIYer for HIRE Contest Winners. The above board is just a sneak peek, you have got to see the whole thing on Pinterest. Emily’s backyard is a typical townhouse backyard=tiny. But there are some very simple things we are going to do to turn this into a backyard oasis! Now, we are NOT going to paint the back of her house pink, unlike these inspo images show. But we WILL find a way to bring the colorful, tropical flavor to her small outdoor space. Stay tuned to see how this project turns out. I’m so excited to show you how it goes.


Are there any things you have done in your tiny backyard you could share with me? If so, comment your ideas below!

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05 May Ever Wanted to Hire Someone to Do Your Annoying DIY Projects?


If only I had a nickel every time I heard someone say, “I wish i could just hire you to come do my DIY projects.”

I’ve heard it so much that I’m finally taking it to heart…I’m now available as a DIYer for Hire!!! Hand a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a woman to DIY she DIYs for a lifetime.


You can now hire me to do your DIY projects, big and small.


I’m now available to help you with any of the 3 scenarios:

  1. Help with your DIY projects,
  2. Do your DIY projects 100% myself, OR
  3. Be your interior designer.

And for a limited time, I’m offering very inexpensive options, but will raise my prices soon (especially when I’m done with my 6 contest winners who won my time for free to help them with their DIY projects.)

And yes, I understand that hiring someone to do your DIY projects sounds counterintuitive. But hear me out. If you are currently sitting there scratching your head about a project you need to do and it’s NOT GETTING DONE, or if you’ve had the supplies for weeks and don’t have the time to do it, then I am your solution. Let me come get ‘er done for you! AND I will teach you as I go so you can learn for the next project. 


Hire me to do your DIY project using my project planner submission form.


So if you’ve ever wanted to hire someone to do your annoying DIY projects, or want an interior designer without paying ridiculous Interior Design fees, then NOW IS YOUR TIME. Check out my Project Planner ASAP before my inexpensive slots fill up!

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branches make the perfect, tall, dramatic centerpiece for gray cabinet, modern-style kitchen

03 May One Surprising Reason why you need to keep a Knife in Your Car


First off, thank you all for the extra love and support on my latest blog post. It has been a tough lesson to learn, and there’s not really a perfect way around it. People steal things on the internet and unless I want to pursue a lawsuit (which I don’t) then there’s not much else. Darn. BUT thank you all for the love on the whole fiasco.

You need to keep a knife in your car. Why?? These 3 reasons, and obviously the last one is the most important.

  1. In case you’re in a car accident and you need to cut your seatbelt off or break your window.
  2. In case a bad guy tries to attack you (scary thought, I know.)
  3. In case you see some to-die-for weed/bushes on the side of the road and you MUST pull over immediately and cut some trimmings for your kitchen.


How could you not pull over when the trimmings looked like this?? So amazing. I was stopped dead in my tracks when I saw that pretty faded green color on the long branches. I pulled over and walked through the mud to get to these!


branches make the perfect, tall, dramatic centerpiece for gray cabinet, modern-style kitchen


If you are so compelled to spend zero dollars on free roadside cuttings, then follow these easy steps

  1. Cut some long trimmings, try to get full branches that are nice and long. You can always cut them shorter.

How to use branches for a centerpiece


2. Strip off all of the ugly branches. These had a LOT of ugly branches, look how much I stripped off below. They looked miles better once they were stripped off.


make sure you do this when you cut branches for a centerpiece easiest way to cut the length for a centerpiece is simpler than you think

3. Gather them in your hands so the tops are varying lengths. Try to position them so they look natural and full. But you pretty much can’t mess up this step b/c they are branches, they have minds of their own.


gorgeous home-brew bottle for a centerpiece with branches


4. Place them in a large bottle that you already have, or snag a bottle like this cheap bottle from Amazon Prime and fill it with water. They should last a long time b/c branches are pretty hardy, so add a lot of water!


close up of the perfect centerpiece with branches, a candle, and a hand-written quote of "one day in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful"


Pair your branches in a bottle with some decorative items like a candle & framed art and you’ve got a free, gorgeous centerpiece!

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Fellow bloggers I look up to from The Home Depot event, THDprospective

02 May The Secret Sauce to Blogging



I wrote a post on Friday about how it felt to be invited to The Home Depot event last week. The summary? It felt amazing and I wrote about it HERE.

One of the biggest reasons it was so good is because of these extremely talented people that I met and hung out with all week. Motivational speaker Jim Rohn famously said that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with…so hopefully if I keep following these bloggers around like a sad puppy (like I did all week) then their goodness will eventually rub off on me, hahaha!


With Mandi from Vintage Revivals at The Home Depot prospective tool event doing some volunteer work

With Mandi from Vintage Revivals


And when I went to Haven Conference last year, the opening speakers spoke to all the beginner bloggers (which included me) about some insider tips about fellow bloggers. One of the pieces that has stuck to me is this:


“Your world is about to expand, truly. And isn’t that one of the greatest journeys, to meet new people, see new things and connect to another person’s story.”


With Jen Woodhouse at the Home Depot's THDprospective tool event in Atlanta.

With Jen Woodhouse


And I couldn’t agree more. To these incredible women & men who I met this weekend, THANK YOU, because connecting with you is opening my eyes and heart in a whole new way, and I’m so excited to continue this journey as a blogger. (And I feel like if I call myself a “blogger” enough, it will finally start to feel real someday. That’s how it works, right??)



Several bloggers at The Home Depot volunteer event during the THDprospective event.


If you’re not already following these bloggers, PLEASE take a look at these incredible blogs: Vintage Revivals, Power Power Blog, House of Wood, Ben UyedaHer Tool Belt, Pneumatic AddictSawdust 2 Stitches, Handmade Haven, & Build Basic.

And last but not least, I never would have thought this starting out, but I have gained the closest relationships with the employees at The Home Depot and their accompanying agencies!! Raven, Cody, and Whitney, you champion my work like no one else does and make me feel like a million bucks every time you invite me to collaborate or whenever we see each other. Thank you for the extra love and appreciation!!! And thank you for taking a chance on little ol’ me! It means more than you’ll ever know.


With Raven from The Home Depot

With Raven from The Home Depot


With Cody from The Home Depot

With Cody from The Home Depot


Love you all and thank you again!!!

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02 May When Someone Steals Your Content, This is How It Feels


(The final image of the project I’m referring to is above!)


Sooo, in the last 3 days, photos from my recent (dramatic) backyard transformation has been posted as memes to accounts with OVER 11 MILLION followers. Yes, I said 11 million. Woah. (And those are just the times I’ve actually found!) I found them because I had several friends start tagging me when they saw my images posted online, but I’m sure there are many other reposts that I haven’t seen yet. Here’s one below, can you spot my image?


Stolen photo off internet, meme of "this is how im tryna glow up"



AND almost all 8 million followers didn’t see my image(s) attributed to me. Ouch.



Stolen photo off internet, meme of "this is the kind of transformation i need"


First off, HOW did this happen? Easy answer, I have no idea. The broader answer? It’s a project that has had wide reach since the get-go. It’s easily exploded as my most pinned project on Pinterest, my most liked photo on IG, my most viewed project on my blog, and my most viewed/best project I submitted as a The Home Depot collaboration. I don’t say that to brag, whatsoever, but just explain that it’s the first project I’ve done that people have actually really liked!



Stolen photo off internet, meme of "this is the kind of transformation i need"


Many have said through the comments “what’s the big deal, there are meme’s all over the internet so who cares?” Or, “people use each others photos for meme’s all the time, get over it.” And to that, I say “Yes, that’s true, buuuut….”


Stolen photo off internet, meme of "this is how im tryna glow up"


…Meme’s are typically photos of celebrities, or funny dog photos, or awkward selfies, NOT projects that have had countless hours poured into them from someone who is trying to build their side-business of becoming an interior stylist/blogger/DIY-er.


Stolen photo off internet, meme of "this is how im tryna glow up"


And to have MILLIONS of views, re-posts, retweets, comments & likes without ANY attribution back to my account, honestly…just sucks. And I hate using that word b/c I really shouldn’t have a single thing to gripe about. I feel very blessed, so I feel bad complaining about something so small… It’s just that I put so much time into that project, I would have loved to receive exposure for the time, effort, sweat & tears of that backyard transformation.


Stolen photo off internet, meme of "this is the kind of transformation i need"


What did I do about it? I asked my Instagram friends to ask the first account to tag me in the photo, or report it, but to no avail. It stayed on the account and I was never tagged in it. And then the copiers started up and it got into the hands of several Instagram and Twitter accounts with million+ followers. (Other than this account below, she eventually tagged me and felt really bad:)


Stolen photo off internet, meme of "this is the kind of transformation i need"



So, the question moving forward is, what should I do from here on out? Is this just a really hard lesson to learn that stealing happens on the internet and you can’t prevent it? Or did I miss something I should have done? ANY ADVICE would be grateful!!!


(Okay, my vent is over, haha.)

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