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20 Apr The BEST KEPT SECRET Near Cancun

I’ve hesitated writing this for a long time. I want to keep our little secret our little secret. Part of the reason why it was so good is because not very many people know about it! It’s quaint and beautiful and authentic and I LOVE that. The pure reason this secret is so amazing is because it’s NOT touristy whatsoever. And I don’t want people to flock to it if the word gets out.

But I’ve decided that it takes long enough to get there and is just difficult enough to taxi, then bus, then ferry, that these factors will help keep it untouched.


Behold, Holbox Island.

Isla Holbox (pronounced ee-sla hole-bosh in Spanish) is dirt roads, white sands, turquoise waters, no cars all golf carts, swaying hammocks over the water, a quiet town, painted Palm trees, authentic Mexican food, slow-paced, real artisans, & amazing (virgin) piña coladas. I’m telling you. It was paradise on earth.

It takes a bit to get there (a 20 minute Uber, then 2+ hours by bus, then a 30 minute ferry) but I’m convinced it’s a peek into what a Mexican city by the ocean must have looked like before tourists rampaged the country.

It’s worth every minute and penny to get there, my only regret was not staying another night!

We rented a quaint, clean, quiet Airbnb just steps from the tiny “main street” (if you can even call it that), and a 2-minute stroll to the white sand beach. Pictured below, it was SO beautiful.

And the golf carts!! I haven’t seen Tanner so happy since we were on a scooter in Italy. He was so happy, and so was I, watching him soaking up the sun, sea & wind. His left arm got totally burned from it, whoops!

All in all, it was paradise. I’m so in love with this island and I can’t wait to go back!

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12 Apr How Did My White Deck Hold Up This Winter?

I’ve had an influx of questions about my deck. Kinda crazy to realize that it’s been one full year since I created it. Time flies! If you missed it, I teamed up with Home Depot to create an outdoor space, and with a budget of only $900 and was able to create a deck from scratch! View the before and after post HERE. For only $900, it turned out pretty awesome, if I do say so myself!!


Here are all the questions I’ve received with answers below. If you have other questions, add them to the comments and I’ll add them to this post as I answer them! THANKS!


How big is it?

–It’s roughly 12’x18′, and only 10″ off the ground.


Will you have to re-stain/paint it this year? 

–No! It’s not as perfectly white as it was last year, but I won’t have to refinish it until next year. Which, at that point, I might try a new color…who knows! See image below.


Do you have deck plans you can share?

Unfortunately, no. BUT, you can see very good instructions and a step-by-step tutorial over on Home Depot’s blog. Take a look. ALSO, see the following question/answer.


How did you know how far apart to space your deck trusses? 

Ask an expert! Home Depot will create a deck layout for you for FREE, just ask one of their experts. Since my deck is NOT A TYPICAL DECK, I asked my engineer family members, and they calculated how to do this deck on a budget, but still be 100% safe for weight distribution purposes. I can tell you what I did, but I would highly recommend you ask an expert!

What I did for my 12’x18′ deck using 2x4s was the following. I placed 6 cement blocks in a row every 20 inches and 1.5′ from the left and right edges, and then the last cement blocks 6 down the middle spaced the same. Then, I laid down heavy-duty pressure-treated 2x6s for the trusses. I had to trim these down 8″ so they wouldn’t poke out, and then I used *about* 60 2x4x12s. Before you build your deck this way, look at my Home Depot post, b/c I did not just put 2x4s on my deck immediately, I put them through a few processes, first.


Do you have a materials list?

Look at Home Depot’s Blog, again, for a FULL materials list. It doesn’t show quantities, see the above answer for quantities on the items that I needed more than 1.


Which tool did I use to attach my deck to the trusses?

I used THIS impact driver by Ryobi. If you have never used an impact driver, it holds a lot of power, but to harness it’s power it drives screws with a “jerky” feeling. Just push through the jerks and your screw will keep screwing!


If you have any other questions, let me know in the comments and I’ll add it to this blog post!


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22 Mar DIYer for Hire Contest


Thank you all for the likes and comments on Friday’s Instagram post! To kick this project off, I’ve decided that I’m now accepting submissions for 6 winning slots where I’ll work with you on your projects for FREE! I’m accepting submissions as large as “I don’t know what to do with this whole room” to “I want to repaint my dresser but don’t know where to start.” Whatever your needs, together we WILL tackle it, and I’ll coach and teach you along the way! 💪🏼 Please Direct Message me (on Instagram) some photos of one project and a brief description of what you need help with, and I’ll announce the 6 winners on Sunday!!!


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22 Mar Where to Eat Lunch if you have 1 Day in Costa Mesa

Our flight to and from Cancun last week was out of Vegas (I’ll share why we decided to fly out of Vegas later). But the day before our flight, Tanner heard word that his presence was requested for an interview in the LA area. Scrambling to leave a whole day earlier, we weren’t able to head out until close to 7 PM on Thursday evening. Not the most ideal of circumstances, but we’re young & wild so we made it work, lol.

The drive consisted of a lot of trying to stay awake and a lot of caffeine on an empty stomach. The best of combinations… #sarcasm (Side note, luckily we barely made it to Vegas before my favorite fried-chicken joint closed called Raising Cane’s! If you haven’t been there, GO. It is a MUST. I die at that Southern goodness.) We finally arrived in Costa Mesa at 5AM-MST and hit the sack.

I was working from home that day while Tanner took forever at his interview (the results of which are still TBD, send your prayers, please!) So after Tanner finished his interview, we decided to grab lunch at our local’s favorite two spots. And it turned out so perfectly, I just HAD to share it with you in case you only have one day in Costa Mesa, too! We had the most perfect combo: something healthy and something not healthy. They cancel each other out…right??

We first went to Banzai Bowls for their famous acai bowls. It is a small hole in the wall with two blenders making the best bowls and the best smoothies! It had a cool island-shack vibe that makes you think you’re in Hawaii for a quick second. The wait was rather long, so we paid for our food and jetted off to Sidecar Doughnuts.

Since donuts are so healthy…haha…we thought a little walk wouldn’t hurt. Sidecar Doughnuts was about a 10 minute walk from Banzai and it was the best decision we made all day! Living in UT, I was missing the sun, so to take a walk in the sunshine was so amazing. By far the best moment of the day, walking hand in hand with my man. I am absolutely convinced sunshine equals happiness!

Sidecar Doughnuts was another dose of happiness as I walked through the door. I knew I was in love with this place the second I walked in the door and the smell of fresh doughnuts hit me! Sidecar was a fun mix of hip and modern and it was filled with brunching women. They change their menu each day with a fresh medley of doughnut flavors. When we were there, they had 14 different flavors, some traditional and some not so traditional, but all were amazing.

I decided to play the tourist card and told our doughnut-getter that we never come here and asked if we could get some samples. She obliged and sliced up some doughnuts for us. She was kind, but we got the vibe that it wasn’t something they normally do; we got lucky! After trying a few doughnuts, we ended up picking 4 full-size donuts to purchase: huckleberry, vanilla twist, maple- bacon (the best maple-bacon I have ever had), and butter-and-sugar–which was so fresh it was still warm!

After purchasing our donuts, we sped walked back to Bonzai Bowl and our bowl was ready to go! If you are slow walkers, I would recommend driving instead b/c Tanner and I are totally speed walkers. It’s actually something I kind of love about us. We get to places fast and I am okay with that!


Our Banzai was finished when we got back, so we grabbed a table outside and enjoyed the “complementary” foods together in the warm California sun. We ate outside on some tables and Tanner was in a silly mood and kept taking these funny selfies. He’s my favorite. And this was one of my favorite lunches in awhile.

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14 Mar 5 Tips for Consolidating Your Packing List

Just got back from Cancun last night and I thought I would share some advice on packing for trips that I’ve learned the hard way after years of packing heavy.

Back in October when I took my trip through Italy, I backpacked! Which means I carried all of my possessions on my back, and had to consolidate my packing list way, WAY down. (I’m talking 3 pairs of underwear for my 15-day vacation that I washed every other night in the sink.) There just isn’t the space to carry anything unnecessary when you backpack.

Ever since that trip, I’ve been changing the way that I pack my bags for all of my vacations (not just the backpacking ones). Weekend trips, road trips, and now my extended vacations! And I thought I would share my success in consolidating packing for my trip to Cancun!



Consider how you’re taking your luggage. If it’s a typical vacation where you’re staying at one or two hotels/AirBnbs, then you’re good to take a roll-y luggage. If it’s gonna be a backpack on your back, then every item adds weight so you’ll need to be extremely critical of what you bring. My trip to Cancun I used a roll-y luggage, so I gave myself a little luxury by adding extra clothing and books. I would never add items like that inside a backpack.

This is the backpacking backpack I own and think it’s AMAZING. Click the image to see details about it on Amazon.



Lay out everything you want to bring. Lay it out like you can see every item on it’s own, and group it in categories. It should take up a lot of space but this step is worth it. It should look like this image below. The pile below is actually a lot better than I used to be. I used to have pretty much two outfits per day, one for the beach, and then one for dinner later that night. I was bringing WAY too many clothes. So although my pile looks like a lot, it’s WAY less than I used to pack to start out with.




Cut out every item you don’t NEED. This is really hard, I love adding clothing or accessories that are cute, but unless I have a specific use for it, I take it out of my pile. I had already started with a small selection, but back in the day I’d have a swimsuit and outfit for everyday. This just isn’t necessary I’ve found for vacations. It’s perfectly fine to re-wear outfits 2-3 times. When it’s dirty or if they start to smell even a little, then I wash it in the sink, and air dry them, easy peasy. Anyway, for my step of consolidating, I took out the following: 2 tank tops, 2 swimsuits, 1 sundress, 1 pair of shorts, 1 beach hat (these never travel well), a pair of flip flops, my whole bottle of Tums (I brought enough for a week instead, dang Mexican food), tanning oil, and a bottle of sunblock.

These are the items I took out:


And here’s what I ended up with:

  • 5 pairs of underwear,
  • 5 swimsuits,
  • 3 shorts,
  • 3 tank tops,
  • 3 short-served shirts,
  • 1 maxi skirt,
  • 1 pair of loose pants,
  • 1 sports bra,
  • 1 pair of workout shorts,
  • 1 pair of workout shoes,
  • 2 flip flops,
  • 2 bottles of sunscreen for my body,
  • 2 small bottles of facial sunscreen,
  • 1 beach towel,
  • a straightener & curling iron (both totally unnecessary, I only used these once, I should have left them out!
  • minimized toiletries,
  • a little makeup,
  • a beach speaker,
  • 3 books,
  • 1 journal,
  • a nerf football,
  • a lightweight day-backpack for the beach,
  • bug spray,
  • sunglasses,
  • and snorkel gear!!

Now, that sounds like a lot, and it is! But you’ll see that this was pretty easy to compact down to a small amount of space in the next step.



Pick out the bulkiest things to wear on the plane. I used to pack a separate outfit for the plane rides, but I’ve learned this isn’t necessary. Instead, I took from my pile the items I would wear on the plane. For me it was my pants, sweater, workout shoes, & my thicker t-shirt. There’s no need to pack a separate outfit for the plane, bring only items you’ll use on your vacation. Here’s the outfit I pulled out to wear:



Use Ziploc Travel storage bags. These are amazing! You place folded clothing inside, and roll them to take out all of the air. All of my clothing then fit in two bags in an extremely compact space.

The secret to packing light are these bags. I swear by them!


Once all is said and done, look how little space it all of those items take up, amazing, right?




I love learning more about how to consolidate my packing list for vacations, are there other tricks you have used to pack light? If so, please add some comments below!

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23 Feb Mudcloth Pillows for Sale

I made these Mudcloth pillows for a festival almost 2 years ago and I love them so much! They are made from authentic mudcloth and are a really beautiful accent for any room. I personally have one on my armchairs and couch to bring some personality to those areas, without getting too out of hand since they’re a simple black and cream.


I found the ones I never sold the other day and have no need to hang onto them! So, if you’re interested in buying any, shoot me an email seekingalexi (at) There are other sites with wider selections of mudcloth pillows, but since I only have two patterns and two sizes so I’m selling them at a cheaper price to just get rid of them.

I have three pillowcases of each pattern in the 16×16″ sizes (so, six large pillowcases), 3 total 16×16″ pillowforms, and then I’m selling the four 8×16″ pillowcases of the dot/squiggle pattern WITH their pillowforms.

Shoot me an email asap if you’re interested!

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