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best hanging swing chairs papasan white tan black espresso rattan wicker single

13 Jul Six Hanging Swing Chairs You Need Now



Hanging swing chairs are all the rage right now, and I want one in my bedroom very badly! I also think they would look incredible in the epic family room update I did recently, but I couldn’t find a way to fit them in. C’est la vie! So, until I can get my hands on hanging one in my home, I will live through my recent client who is about to purchase and hang hers. I recently helped out Lacy of Laced Hair with picking out some hanging swing chairs, some call them a papasan, and I thought you lovelies might be inclined to see what we picked out! This is a shortie post, but just wanted to share them really quick and let you be on your way! Links to each chair below!


one | two | three | four | five | six

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las vegas neon museum large stardust sign complete massive updated vintage red sign

12 Jul Neon Graveyard is Seriously a Must-Go



las vegas neon museum love pink cursive sign


Before I show you the gorgeous photos of the Neon Graveyard in Las Vegas, (which I’m still so so in love with) I will take a moment to remind of you of my sob story, that I promise I will not talk about it all the time. But, as you know, my boyfriend moved permanently to California a few months ago. Insert sad emoji. I’m like a broken record, I’m sorry if you’ve seen me in person recently, I just miss my babe a lot!!


las vegas neon museum green pink blue vintage sign


We have been making it a priority to meet up every other weekend, whether that’s one of us flying or driving to a city in between us. Which happens to be Vegas or St. George.


las vegas neon museum cactus adorable hi sign pink


There’s a lot to do in Vegas, and we have been trying something new and fun each time we go. This was the second trip we did to meet up in Vegas, and I had been eyeing the Neon Graveyard for a LONG time, thanks to beautiful Instagram images like such:


las vegas neon museum showboat vintage sign


Tanner was a fantastic sport to go here with me, it wasn’t exactly thrilling for him, but you should have heard me. I was gushing and oohing and ahhing at all the stunning color combinations in the graveyard, the degradation of the metal, and the beautiful brokenness that was these rundown signs.


las vegas neon museum what it looks like


Obsessed can’t begin to describe how the experience was, I loved every second…okay, I DIDN’T love the dead hot heat. SO glad we grabbed those little umbrellas they provided. Make sure you get your own!


las vegas neon museum stardust big complete red sign


If you have the chance to go, go during the DAY!! There are only 5 restored signs, so make sure there’s at LEAST enough light that you can relish in the beautiful color scheme. (And I talked to a friend who went to it during the late evening and she was disappointed.)


las vegas neon museum pink and baby blue fox pretty vintage signs


If you go, please tell me how your experience was, and here’s to many more adventures of meeting up with this fella every couple weeks to keep our love alive!


las vegas neon museum in love old vintage sign


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23 Jun Home Depot Collab: 4th of July Wood Stars


I was honored to join forces with Home Depot again and create some custom outdoor 4th of July Stars! I feel so lucky to be able to work with them because I love their stores; I go to their store more than any other! (If you’re curious how I got started working with them, I posted a short radio interview here.)



Luckily I found this amazing post from my new acquaintance Jamie that really helped give me guidance. I changed the instructions a bit to help simplify it for beginners like me, and I added a lot more photos to give really specific steps. You can read the full step by step on Home Depot’s blog!



I also added a back so it could be seen from the street easier, and painted it patriotic colors. What do you think??



They took me a full weekend, so if you do it THIS weekend, you’ll have them up for 4th of July! And once you style it with an Amazon Prime flag, cute pillows, some tall self watering planters, and a doormat your porch will be festive real quick! Good luck with your project, and thanks for reading!!!

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14 Jun On Mix 105.1: How I Started Working with The Home Depot


Pinch me!! If you follow along on my Instagram, you saw that I accomplished one of my bucket list items recently, which was to be on the radio! I have always wanted to be on the radio, and even better that it was about how I’m trying to tackle my dreams on the side with DIY projects and empowering women. YAY! Mix Morning Fix on FM 105.1 here in Utah is an amazing morning show and graciously reached out to feature me on “Meet the Blogger Monday.” Thank you so much!!!


Showing up to the radio station was a little scary because I had no idea what we would be talking about. They didn’t provide any interview questions, or give me more details about what it would be about. I just showed up, chatted for a little, waited for their morning session to be finished, and we jumped into the recording without so much as a prompt.

Little insider, is with some interviews like this one, they are actually pre-recorded, even though they sound live! Some bloggers are nervous, so that’s what Mix 105 does, then they edit them, and run them a couple days later seemingly “live.”


And even though I was nervous, it was easier than I thought, surprisingly. It really was just a conversation where they asked about who I am, what I do, some of my projects, asked about how I got started working with The Home Depot. They made me feel very comfortable and like we were friends for years, it’s an amazing talent they have!


I would love to hear what you think about my interview, thanks for the support and sweet messages about being on the radio! It was so fun tackling that dream off my list. Enjoy the interview, and go tackle your dreams!





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07 Jun Summer In Style Outdoor Edition: 4th of July Ice Cream Bar


I finally made the time to put up my twinkle lights and bring out the outdoor cushions in my backyard! I love summer so much and why not celebrate the beginning with an ice cream bar?


For those of you who are new to my blog because you may be coming from Cassie Bustamante, hello! We are doing a blog hop organized by Chic Little House with some amazing outdoor spaces and I’m glad you stopped by to see my backyard! Welcome to my outdoor space where I made this deck for under $900 last spring. It’s quaint and simple and I’m completely obsessed, haha.



I missed my backyard! I live in Utah where we have rough winters (sometimes it snows in June!) so I did a few things to winterize it. And now that I finally brought everything out of storage and ready to go out here every night, again. Winters in Utah are so beautiful.



And who doesn’t love ice cream on a hot summer evening under twinkle lights and the stars? Used an old palette to hold these cute cement letters I found for sale at Joann’s to help solidify the theme of this get together.



Perfect for a 4th of July party, snag some red, white & blue decor and fruit to celebrate our country. I put ice in the metal container to keep the ice cream cold, found some waffle bowls at a local grocery store that fit perfectly in the most adorable navy bowls (found at Joann’s in stores), and red white and blue fruit (and marshmallows).



I hope you enjoyed your stop along the “Summer In Style Outdoor Edition” blog tour! I’m so happy you came to take a look and hope you continue along to the other stops on the tour.


Tomorrow, take a look at SG Style to see what she has done for our outdoor tour. Here are the other ladies involved in the tour if you want to see them all!


 WEDNESDAY, 6/7:  Cassie Bustamante and Seeking Alexi
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24 May When Your Boyfriend Moves Out of State and You Have the Best Day


First thing’s first, if you haven’t noticed from my sappy Instagram posts, my boyfriend moved to California, and yes, he moved permanently. It’s no fun guys! It’s hard trying to keep our lives combined when they are separated by so many miles and completely different schedules. If you have any advice for dating long-distance, please comment on this post! Any help would be very appreciated.



When I came to visit him a few weeks ago for the first time, we ended up having an amazing time, but we also had one incredible day that I just had to share.


It started off with a visit to the downtown area of Redlands, we had tacos since it was Cinco de Mayo, duh! Then we found the quaintest, cutest small-batch chocolate shop called Parliament Chocolate. I died. It had a beautifully designed interior, first of all, and the chocolate was so yummy! They have cocoa beans from unique places around the world that gave the chocolate different hints of other flavors. We snagged two vanilla chocolate covered caramels. So delicious.



Then we went orange picking! Growing up in Utah I’ve picked other fruits from trees growing up, like cherries, apples, and peaches (OH the peaches!). But I’ve never picked a citrus fruit off a tree. And I must say, it was quite the treat to pick and eat our own oranges from off the tree. We sliced them in wedges for Sunday breakfast with leftover french toast from brunch the day before. Mmmmmm…


We stopped by a shopping mall where we had WAY too much fun buying matching shirts. We match ALL THE TIME, seriously. We may start an Instagram account, it’s crazy. I snagged some workout pants at VS and we enjoyed the California sunshine.



We ended our night at my first Angel’s baseball game! It was so fun dancing and trying, unsuccessfully, to get on the bigscreen. Next time, babe. Next time. And I finally snagged a picture of Tanner’s fake laugh, lol. He does this when he is sick of taking photos, you can see the irritation on my face, lol. Love that dork.



Dating someone who moved out of state is hard, and it doesn’t help that I’m choosing to keep myself crazy busy right now. But that’s just how I deal with things when they get tough, stay busy! Which is also one of the reasons why I love Tanner so much, is he helps me slow down and take it easy so I can stop and smell the roses. Love you, babe!


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