Before/After: Stunning Staircase Gallery Wall Transformation

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I’m finally posting about this gorgeous project I finished a couple weeks ago, and am convinced that everyone now needs a gallery wall on their stairs. It is empty space for many homes, but there is so much potential to make it a statement! Especially if you have vaulted ceilings near your stairs like I do, it makes for a gorgeous view into the entryway!


This is what my entry way used to look like before I made any changes:



And what it looks like now:


gallery wall stair how to


The before and after from any angle is quite a transformation, and I am so so pleased with the result! Here’s another before/after combo:


before photo of gallery wall after photo of gallery wall seeking alexi


It’s been less than a month, but I’ve been obsessed with this new gallery wall & especially the mood lighting from the gorgeous wall sconces. If you missed it, I posted a couple weeks about how I installed the wall lights & did the electrical all by myself on this wall, it was quite the project!


seeking alexi gallery wall lighting


All the artwork was provided by some incredible artists, and I HAVE to say thank you to each of them, as they were the only reason why my wall looks this good! When it comes to a gallery wall, you are only as good as your art!


seeking alexi gallery wall entry way


And to create the most successful gallery wall, you really must pick strategic pieces. I talk about how to create the best gallery wall in this post, it may be different than you’re expecting! That same post also


seeking alexi gallery wall with 3d pieces and lighting


As far as the actual prints go, I snagged my printed artwork from 3 places:


seeking alexi gallery wall highland cow photo


  1. Society 6:

This company is AMAZING, they are a place where artists can upload their artwork, and they take care of the printing & shipping for said artists. Needless to say, there is a LOT of art on there. Hands down, if you have an art piece in mind, you can totally find it on here, they have everything! They provided everything else, some of my favorites are the highland cow photo, the galloping horse photo, and this abstract collage piece. (See the last two art pieces below)


seeking alexi gallery wall with artwork, photos & 3d pieces

2. Ash and Ivory:

The two large landscape photos (one pictured above in the large frame) are from this online shop, and you can print them at whatever size you want. They have lots of other photos and designs, too! Several cute quotes, you should definitely go check them out!



seeking alexi gallery wall with light & light wood stamp print

3. Light and Ink 

Light and Ink provided the gorgeous wooden stump print shown in the upper right corner of the above photo. Her pieces are beautiful and they are a great way to bring the outdoors inside in a sophisticated way!


seeking alexi gallery wall after photo with lots of framed artwork in wooden, black, or white frames

Thanks for letting me share this post, if you want to make your own gallery wall, be sure to read the 4 most important steps you should take when you create one. And if you are as ambitious as I was, you can add your own lighting with this electrical post! Thanks for reading!!

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