Before Photos of My New Home

You saw it right! Two weeks ago I posted a photo of the cute red house I bought in the best little neighborhood and I am so excited for a new place to call my own! I love it so much, and it’s a great home, but I also want to make some updates so it fits my style more. I can see its potential and what it will look like soon, but it’s an awesome home to begin with.

I have high hopes to doing a lot of the updates on my own (scary!), and thought there might be some of you interested in seeing my journey as well! So I have decided to blog how-tos and share my successes and not-so-successes so it feels like we are on this journey together. I also want to blog about the home updates for selfish reasons, so I can look back on the journey with (hopefully) fond memories and not problems.

What do you think? Are there people interested in following my journey with the home? Let me know in the comments, and demo starts TOMORROW, so look for updates very soon!

In the meantime, here are the before photos of my new home! And if you’re wondering what my house looks like today…you’re looking at it! All of my stuff is still in boxes, and living out of boxes is NOT fun. I’ve moved the essentials inside, but the rest of it is a total mess. I cannot WAIT until I can move my stuff inside, and I especially can’t wait until I can design/arrange everything inside!


Alexi-Bullock-Home-Renovation-Before_01Alexi-Bullock-Home-Renovation-Before_02Alexi-Bullock-Home-Renovation-Before_03Alexi-Bullock-Home-Renovation-Before_04Alexi-Bullock-Home-Renovation-Before_05Alexi-Bullock-Home-Renovation-Before_07 Alexi-Bullock-Home-Renovation-Before_08 Alexi-Bullock-Home-Renovation-Before_09

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