Before-Before & After Photos of Family Room

(Above is the before.)


Thank you for all the support about my recent reveal of my epic family room makeover! I got some help from Home Depot, which I am so grateful for. But you have to see the full reveal. This post only has two pics.


BUT, this is crazy. I just found THIS POST that shows what my family room looked like when I first purchased it. I cannot believe how much change my house has gone through since then!!! I did some dramatic work to the house just after purchasing it, like replacing the floors, moving/creating walls, painting the walls and ceilings, etc. But that all happened SO LONG ago, I usually don’t think about it when I think of the “before” photos. So today, I’m comparing the before-before photos to my newest after photos and it feels really good!




With some vision, some sweat, time & patience, a LOT can happen. I’m sad it’s taken me so long to execute, but also really proud of what I’ve accomplished with this little house of mine.






Huge thanks to Home Depot for sponsoring so much of this transformation and Sazerac Stitches for the family room lighting!