Before & After Bathroom: Why Black Modern Hardware Can Make All The Difference

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Publishing this post has been a long time coming and I’m so excited to finally reveal my bathroom post! Many of you followed along on my Instagram stories back when I was actually creating this bathroom update, so you knew it was coming soon. Well, the day has finally come!!! I partnered with awesome brands for this post, The Home Depot and Pfister, which means I always have to wait a long time until I can actually post the project. Well the day has finally come and I can’t wait to show you this official before and after.

The below image is from when I bought the house, so it’s like a before, before. And it’s really bad. The below image is before I painted the walls white, or tiled the floors. Both of which I did a couple months after moving in—which made it bearable for a couple years. But it was never finished for how my brain envisioned it … and there’s no other way to explain what my vision was then to just show you … here it is! The before and after!

The star of the show is obviously the new sink and the new black modern hardware, faucet included. It’s incredible how much hardware can change the entire look of a bathroom!

I installed this Pfister Venturi faucet, this towel ring, this toilet paper dispenser and this hook and I mean it when I say I am 100% obsessed. They nailed my style! And just in case you aren’t sure, even though I have partnered with Pfister and THD, I can still express my own opinions about the products I used, but I am absolutely in love with this line of hardware. Absolutely. They are by far my favorite bathroom faucets I have ever installed or helped to install in a bathroom.

And not to mention it was all so easy to install! The faucet for example: the drain doesn’t have a normal stopper with a lever, which takes extra time and attention to install. To close this drain, you just push on it, and it snaps closed, then to open, you press it again. So awesome, which equals awesome to install.

Obviously, I did other things in the bathroom to support the makeover than just replacing the hardware: like painting the door black, building two easy box shelves, styling, and replacing the pedestal sink (would you believe that black sink stand/vanity used to be a vintage school desk?). It’s all the extras that give you the most dramatic before and after.

I asked on my Instagram if anyone wanted a demo video for how to replace/install a sink, and I’m happy to announce I had a lot of interest! Luckily, I installed a very similar sink in my upstairs bathroom in order to create just such a video! The faucet below shows the other sink option that has the handle stacked on top of the faucet. Which is awesome because no matter if you have wide 8-inch spread for your sink holes, or narrow 4-inch spread sink holes, Pfister has a modern faucet to fit! (Note that these sinks are 100% black, they are reflecting blue light from the window.)

So stay tuned to an instructional video on how to replace a bathroom sink because I will be posting that video on my YouTube channel soon. Make sure you subscribe so you can be notified as soon as it comes out!


Thank you so much for reading, I am so grateful to your support and if you have ANY questions, please don’t hesitate to ask via email or a comment below! Thank you again to The Home Depot, and to Pfister for allowing me to do this amazing project. I feel so lucky to have rubbed shoulders with such talented individuals. Thank you!


Seeking Alexi Before & After: Why black modern hardware can make all the difference.


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