Backyard Transformation Before & After

If you’ve been following along with my Instagram or my Snapchat over the last month or so, you’ve seen numerous images of my backyard project. It has been one of the biggest projects I’ve ever tackled (mostly) on my own, and it’s also the most delighted I’ve been with a project. It still hasn’t settled in that it’s real! I love my backyard so much! And as you can see from the top image, the transformation was dramatic.


I mentioned I’ve been participating in the Home Depot Patio Style Challenge, but my backyard project included more than what I posted about on the Home Depot Blog. As you can see, I also had to do grass,  (which means sprinklers, topsoil, grading) a firepit, and stone pavers, too. I’ll post about each project individually, but for now, I’m just excited to reveal the final project here on my blog! What do you think of the before and after?




Here’s a few more photos to show the full transformation. It’s kind of unbelievable all of this was possible within about a month, but it’s true!


Seeking-Alexi-Backyard-Transformation-Flow-1 Seeking-Alexi-Backyard-Transformation-Flow-2 Seeking-Alexi-Backyard-Transformation-Flow-3 Seeking-Alexi-Backyard-Transformation-Flow-4 Seeking-Alexi-Backyard-Transformation-Flow-5 Seeking-Alexi-Backyard-Transformation-Flow-6 Seeking-Alexi-Backyard-Transformation-Flow-7 Seeking-Alexi-Backyard-Transformation-Flow-8 Seeking-Alexi-Backyard-Transformation-Flow-9 Seeking-Alexi-Backyard-Transformation-Flow-10

More to come soon!!