Almost Emergency Work Kit

It is THE WORST when you’re at work without an item that you really need but don’t have. It’s not what you would call a REAL emergency, just an “almost emergency” because you have a terrible headache at the beginning of the day. Or maybe you have food stuck in your teeth and have an upcoming important meeting with your boss (so embarrassing). I may or may not have had these happen to me, so I made myself a little kit to take to work. I wanted to share it with you in case you’ve run into any ‘almost emergencies’ yourself.

For your printable Almost Emergency Starter Kit: 

  1. Find a box (mine is a cute wooden box that used to hold caramels, thanks mom!)
  2. Click on the images below to enlarge them, 
  3. Then print them out, and
  4. Fill your box with “almost emergency” things you might need at work.
  5. Check them off as you add them to the box so you don’t forget anything!

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