Hi, I’m Alexi!

I started Seeking Alexi in 2015 after Home Depot wanted to collaborate with me on a project out of the blue. They took a chance on me on what feels like a whim…and after that first “real” DIY project, I was hooked! Ever since, I’ve been improving my little home with “Do It Yourself” projects like my “world famous” floating $900 DIY deck, or my recent master bathroom oasis.

It’s been a blast, and I love being able to share my projects on this blog. It’s been a HUGE blessing in my life to have this outlet. And as my audience grows, I can hopefully touch the lives of more and more people with this platform. I want to inspire every woman that they can pick up that hammer, or use that saw, or do that electrical work on their own. Women are just as capable to use powertools, but so often they just don’t! It has been SO empowering to learn how to do these projects on my own, so I hope to spark that same fire in other women as well.

So as you seek help with YOUR home projects, look no further than “Seeking Alexi.” Because my goal is to help you learn how to do DIY projects to the degree that you feel empowered to tackle them on your own. Let’s do this!


Who is Alexi?

In short, I am a design-aholic, instagram junkie, expert chip-snacker, semi-outdoors-woman, a Jesus-loving church-goer, self-proclaimed foodie, homemaker & lover of all things home design and DIY.

I grew up in Utah and still live here. My creative journey started at 8 when I wanted to be an artist. From there I jumped around to wanting to be a culinary artist, interior designer, photographer and landed on a graphic designer for most of my young adulthood. I went to school for graphic design at Brigham Young University and did that as a profession. It shifted to UX design in the last few years of my career and I’m obsessed with it, it is such a fulfilling career choice. So now, I work full-time as a UX designer by day, and I do DIY/home projects in my spare time.


My heart just keeps pulling me to more creative endeavors, so I keep doing them after work at home and it has brought me so much happiness! I don’t deal with paint like I thought I would when I was 8, or flour and chocolate, or Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Now I deal with sanders, and impact drivers, and miter saws and I am so happy.

The funny thing is that as I learn how to do these projects, I feel like there is no task I can’t tackle! I have this sense of empowerment and strength that I have never felt before. I’m still creative, which is the fun stuff, but I am also doing the hard stuff like plumbing and electrical work. I feel like I can tackle the world (even though I usually have no idea what I’m doing at first) because each project has helped me learn so much.

I love this DIY world, and I hope you enjoy my journey as I seek for myself, and moving forward hopefully you will “seek Alexi” when you need help with your next DIY project.


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