A Designers’ March Madness

Let’s be honest…as a designer, I have NO IDEA who will be winning March Madness. I love watching basketball, but as far as who will be the final four? Nope! I understand that Florida’s 4/1 odds are much better than say, Harvard’s 1,000/1 odds, but I’ll be the first to say that there is no way that I could possibly keep up with the 68 TEAMS playing or have any idea who would win for that matter! How do people keep up with all of that complexity? If I were to do a bracket, I would probably create one based off of my favorite states, the cutest team colors, my favorite vacation sites, etc. I mean seriously, if I made one, it would turn out similarly to my 6 year old nephew’s bracket (make sure to read his reasons for picking the final four). Love that kid!

So I’ve stumbled upon the perfect solution, a Designers’ March Madness hosted by Fast Co. Design! I likely won’t be making a bracket beforehand. But I’ll be jumping on there each day to vote on who should win each day, with some quick research for those who I am unfamiliar with. It’s a good way to learn about famous designers that I don’t know, and feel included in this whole March MADNESS.

Go HERE to vote with me everyday. It takes into account everyones votes and you don’t even have to sign up (bonus)!