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Home Depot Collab: 4th of July Wood Stars

  I was honored to join forces with Home Depot again and create some custom outdoor 4th of July Stars! I feel so lucky to be able to work with them because I love their

Halloween with Home Depot

Happy October!!! If you didn’t know, let me the person to inform you that October is officially the best month of the year for three of the bestest major reasons: It’s my birthday month (thank

Home Depot DIY Challenge

I’m excited to FINALLY reveal my partnership with Home Depot in the DIY Challenge! It’s been really hard keeping it a secret, but now that the post I created for them is live, I can

Home Depot Patio Challenge

I am SO honored to be one of the participants in this season’s Patio Style Challenge. Just wanted to give a huge shoutout to Home Depot for believing in me! I’m not a consistent blogger,

Home Depot Patio Challenge

I’ve been invited to Home Depot’s Patio Style Challenge! More to come later, but enjoy my newly created inspiration boards for the project (I’m sure they’ll continue to change, haha, story of my life!)

Home Depot Style Challenge DIY Mantelpiece HOW-TO

  So excited to walk you through the “how-to” portion of the Home Depot Christmas Style Challenge from my previous post. It was actually pretty easy, just took some time between each step! But I