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How Did My White Deck Hold Up This Winter?

I’ve had an influx of questions about my DIY deck. Kinda crazy to realize that it’s been one full year since I created it. Time flies! If you missed it, I teamed up with Home

When Someone Steals Your Content, This is How It Feels

  (The final image of the project I’m referring to is above!)   Sooo, in the last 3 days, photos from my recent (dramatic) backyard transformation has been posted as memes to accounts with OVER 11 MILLION followers. Yes,

How to Build a DIY Fire Pit in One Day

  There are few things better than sitting in the comfort of your own backyard on a breezy summer evening, sitting next to a cozy fire pit, roasting that delectable, sugary, squishy mallow to a

Backyard Transformation Before & After

If you’ve been following along with my Instagram or my Snapchat over the last month or so, you’ve seen numerous images of my backyard project. It has been one of the biggest projects I’ve ever

I Can’t Believe I Stayed Here

Remember in the last post how I said I would post pictures of the home I stayed in? Well here it is!! The house isn’t HUGE if you compare it to some Utah homes, but